Twilight Zone Season 1 Review

This is an extra post today after todays Twilight Zone…A World Of His Own

What a debut season! Out of 36 episodes we only had one episode below the Twilight Zone standards. That would be The Fever. We had nine 5 star episodes and it very easily could have been 12.

I thought I would post a tally for season 1 of this great series. There are a few I wish I would have bumped up from 4 1/2 to 5… Those would be The Lonely,  Long Live Walter Jameson, and The Last Flight.

Do any of you have any different thoughts on the rankings below?

I would like to link to two different bloggers doing other tv shows. The will be going through show by show like I’m doing here. Join in if you have a favorite show that you like. I’ll continue to have the Twilight Zone every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Hanspostcard is going through the episodes of The Andy Griffith Show

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John Holton is going through each episode of Hogan’s Heroes 

Hogan's Heroes Intro - YouTube


Season 1      
Episode Date Episode Stars
1 Oct 2, 1959 Where is Everybody?       3
2 Oct 9, 1959 One for the Angels     3.5
3 Oct 16, 1959 Mr. Denton on Doomsday  4.5
4 Oct 23, 1959 The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine 3.5
5 Oct 30, 1959 Walking Distance   5
6 Nov 6, 1959 Escape Clause  4
7 Nov 13, 1959 The Lonely  4.5
8 Nov 20, 1959 Time Enough at Last     5
9 Nov 27, 1959 Perchance to Dream    3
10 Dec 4, 1959  Judgment Night  3.5
11 Dec 11, 1959 And When the Sky Was Opened    5
12 Dec 25, 1959 What You Need       3.5
13 Jan 1, 1960 The Four of Us Are Dying   3.5
14 Jan 8, 1960  Third From the Sun    5
15 Jan 15, 1960 I Shot an Arrow Into the Air  4
16 Jan 22, 1960 The Hitch-Hiker  5
17 Jan 29, 1960 The Fever 2.5
18 Feb 5, 1960 The Last Flight   4.5
19 Feb 12, 1960 The Purple Testament 4
20 Feb 19, 1960 Elegy  4
21 Feb 26, 1960 Mirror Image  3.5
22 Mar 4, 1960 The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street 5
23 Mar 11, 1960 A World of Difference   4
24 Mar 18, 1960 Long Live Walter Jameson  4.5
25 Mar 25, 1960 People Are Alike All Over  4
26 April 1, 1960 Execution 4
27 April 8, 1960 The Big Tall Wish 4
28 April 15, 1960 A Nice Place to Visit 5
29 April 29, 1960 Nightmare as a Child 4
30 May 6, 1960 A Stop at Willoughby  5
31 May 13, 1960 The Chaser 3
32 May 20, 1960 A Passage for Trumpet 4
33 June 3, 1960 Mr. Bevis  3.5
34 June 10, 1960 The After Hours  5
35 June 17, 1960 The Mighty Casey       3
36 July 1, 1960 A World of His Own  4

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26 thoughts on “Twilight Zone Season 1 Review”

  1. Great job Max. It’s been a lot of fun watching and following along. As I mentioned at the time I think I really liked Mr Beavis and personally would have put it at 4 stars – just a different approach for the TZ – not the typical dark eerie or unsettling one but one with a really good message. Other than that I’m with you on the ratings. Looking forward to Season 2 mostly on Hulu 😀

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  2. that was some rookie campaign, so to speak. Hope it will appear on Hulu – we have that too, and personally I haven’t found a lot of reason for that, so it would be nice to see something obscure and interesting there!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I hope it does also Dave…you would think someone else would have it besides CBS. These streaming companies are really competing now after covid.
      They really hit the ground running in season 1.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. they sure are (competing). It’s amazing how Netflix has gone from just being a re-runner of old material to a major player in the film industry and Amazon and Hulu aren’t far behind.

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      2. I think movies in theaters will soon cut down…HBO and others are taking and running with it. Now the Beatles Get Back will be 6 hours and streaming instead of a movie release.


  3. I appreciate how organized you are with these and then this post and your ratings with links to every one. I can’t make comment on your ratings because I haven’t seen them all.

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  4. Wish I could view them! I tried seeing what was on Youtube, and a free episode of Bruce Willis in 1985 episode Shatterday sounded great on paper: Harlan Ellison, Wes Craven, Willis…and it got annoying within 5 minutes so I didn’t bother! I’ll stick with the originals (if I can ever find them) 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Just the original….I did think of doing some of the 80s between seasons…that sounds good…there are some good ones but not as many as the original…the batting avg was way down when you compare them.


      1. Yes…ones like Gunsmoke that was on for twenty years…yea good luck on that one…or the Simpsons.


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