Twilight Zone – A World of His Own

★★★★  July 1, 1960 Season 1 Episode 36

If you want to see where we are…HERE is a list of the episodes.

We have some to the last episode of the first season!

This episode features Rod Serling briefly interacting into the episode…not just giving a narration. It’s a clever story and it’s wrapped up in a light hearted episode and it’s one of the better ones. This episode has grown on me through the years. There is a small cast in this one. Keenan Wynn portrays playwright Gregory West  who can do something extraordinary with his Dictaphone.

Phyllis Kirk plays his unlikable wife to perfection. This is an interesting episode because the power that Gregory West has… could have been quite dangerous in the hands of another person. The show closes season 1 on a lighter note.

Years later Stephen King would write a story similar to this one called Word Processor of the Gods that would be turned into a Tales From The Darkside.

Rod Serling’s cameo at the end of the episode marked his first onscreen appearance in the show. Although Serling appeared on-screen at the end of most first season Twilight Zone episodes to plug the following week’s show, this is the only episode in the first season in which Rod Serling appears on-screen within the episode itself and not in a separate “coming next week” segment. This is also one of only two episodes of the entire series where Serling appears on camera at the conclusion of the episode.

This show was written by Richard Matheson

Rod Serling’s Opening Narration: 

The home of Mr. Gregory West, one of America’s most noted playwrights. The office of Mr. Gregory West. Mr. Gregory West—shy, quiet, and at the moment, very happy. Mary—warm, affectionate…And the final ingredient: Mrs. Gregory West.


Peeking into the window of her husband Gregory’s study, Victoria West sees him with a beautiful woman. When she finally gets into the room however, the woman is nowhere to be found. His explanation is preposterous – he claims that when he speaks into his dictation machine, the characters for his play come to life before his eyes. Victoria’s first reaction is that her husband should be committed and a demonstration still doesn’t quite convince her. Gregory has something else to show her.

Rod Serling’s Closing Narration:

Leaving Mr. Gregory West—still shy, quiet, very happy… and apparently in complete control of The Twilight Zone.


Rod Serling … Narrator / Self – Host (uncredited)
Keenan Wynn … Gregory West
Phyllis Kirk … Victoria West
Mary LaRoche … Mary (as Mary La Roche)
Modoc … Elephant (uncredited)


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16 thoughts on “Twilight Zone – A World of His Own”

  1. Agree an enjoyable episode with a pretty good twist that I didn’t see coming at first. The ending with Serling was an added humorous bonus. You’re right about the power the playwright’s ability would have in the wrong hands – haven’t read the Stephen King story but is that the direction he took it?

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