Star Trek Episodes


TotalEpisodeAir DateEpisodeStars
0010-4-1988The Cage (PILOT)5
1109-8-1966The Man Trap3.5
2209-15-1966Charlie X
3309-22-1966Where No Man Has Gone Before
4409-29-1966The Naked Time
5510-6-1966The Enemy Within
6610-13-1966Mudd’s Women
7710-20-1988What Are Little Girls Made Of?
9911-3-1966Dagger Of The Mind
101011-10-1966 The Corbomite Maneuver
111111-17-1966  The Menagerie Part 1
121211-24-1966 The Menagerie Part 2
131312-8-1966The Conscience Of The King
141412-15-1966Balance Of Terror
151512-29-1966Shore Leave
161601-5-1967The Galileo Seven
171701-12-1967The Squire Of Gothos
191901-26-1967Tomorrow Is Yesterday
202002-2-1967Court Martial
212102-9-1967The Return Of The Archons
222202-16-1967Space Seed
232302-23-1967A Taste Of Armageddon
242403-2-1967This Side Of Paradise
252503-9-1967The Devil In The Dark
262603-23-1967Errand Of Mercy
272703-30-1967The Alternative Factor
282804-6-1967The City On The Edge Of Forever
292904-13-1967Operation – Annihilate!
Season 1ReviewStar Trek Season 1 Review
Season 2   
TotalEpisodeAir DateEpisodeStars
3019-15-1967 Amok Time
3129-22-1967Who Mourns For Adonais
3239-29-1967The Changeling
33410-6-1967Mirror, Mirror
34510-13-1967The Apple
35610-20-1967The Doomsday Machine
37811-3-1967I, Mudd
391011-17-1967 Journey To Babel
401112-1-1967Friday’s Child
411212-8-1967The Dealy Years
431412-22-1967Wolf In The Fold
441512-29-1967The Trouble With Tribbles
451601-5-1968The Gamesters Of Triskelion
461701-12-1968A Piece Of The Action
471801-19-1968The Immunity Syndrome
481902-2-1968A Private Little War
492002-9-1968Return To Tomorrow
502102-16-1968Patterns Of Force
512202-23-1968By Any Other Name
522303-1-1968The Omega Glory
532403-8-1968The Ultimate Computer
542503-15-1968Bread And Circuses
552603-22-1968Assignment Earth
Season 2ReviewStar Trek Season 2 Review

Season 3   
TotalEpisodeAir DateEpisodeStars
56109-20-1968Spock’s Brain
57209-27-1968The Enterprise Incident 
58310-4-1968The Paradise Syndrome
59410-11-1968And the Children Shall Lead
60510-18-1968Is There in Truth No Beauty?
61610-25-1968Spectre of the Gun
62711-1-1968Day of the Dove
63811-8-1968For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
64911-15-1968The Tholian Web
651011-22-1968Plato’s Stepchildren
661111-29-1968Wink of an Eye
671212-6-1968The Empath
681312-20-1968Elaan of Troyius
691401-3-1969Whom Gods Destroy
701501-10-1969Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
711601-17-1969The Mark of Gideon
721701-24-1969That Which Survives
731801-31-1969The Lights of Zetar
741902-14-1969Requiem for Methuselah
752002-21-1969The Way to Eden
762102-28-1969The Cloud Minders
772203-7-1969The Savage Curtain
782303-14-1969All Our Yesterdays
792406-3-1969Turnabout Intruder
ReviewStar Trek Season 3 Review

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