Beatles Get Back Trailer

Just saw this a few minutes ago. Lately I’ve been living in a bubble because of work but this is the new Get Back trailer. This is not the sneak peak Peter Jackson released before. On November 25,26, and 27th… 6 hours of the Let It Be/Get Back music, comedy, and drama will all unfold on the Disney plus.

As a very young Beatle fan I read about these sessions and only saw still photographs. Later on I saw them do Get Back on MTV while on the rooftop and it was like photos coming to life…I read where they had 56 hours of video footage sitting in a vault from this album. Now we will see 6 hours out of that anyway…you what what? I would happily sit through 56 hours… Peter Jackson has done such a great job on the look of the film…it looks like it could have been filmed yesterday. Peter, need an assistant for free?

With the previews I’ve seen…it looks like it was a lot of fun and the bad drama was not prevalent through the filming. Ringo has said that people have focused on the negative but it was much more positive than that. What is great about Get Back is the good time they had and it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I can’t imagine the pressure they were under to deliver and be as good as their last album. In this case, when they filmed this, it was just a few months after they released The White Album…The Let It Be album didn’t get released until after their last studio album Abbey Road.

Enough of me talking…here is the preview.


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40 thoughts on “Beatles Get Back Trailer”

    1. Oh me also! This I think just came out today…I was lucky to see it…Hans they even mentioned that George quit through the making…I thought they would leave that part out…I’m glad they are being open.

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  1. Very much on my “must see” list for this fall… was surprised it’s coming to Disney TV, but I think the kiddo here subscribes to it already though her mom and I almost never watch it. I noticed when writing about Abbey Road not long back, I came across a statement from Geoff emerick that said by the end of it, the four seemed like they were having fun and enjoying playing again… I guess we’ll see some of that in the movie.

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    1. Like I told Hans…they even hit the warts with George quitting…I didn’t know if the families would allow that but fortunately they are.
      It was when they moved back to Apple is when things started to perk up…if you see them in that huge studio at first…it does look miserable.

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  2. I saw this about a month ago and was shocked at how good the cinematography is. The clarity and sound is amazing and I am looking forward to the movie. I don’t have Disney, and never will, but will watch it on my side load Cinema App.

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    1. Jackson always does a good job and Michael Lindsay-Hogg did a good original job…but by the time the eighties got here the print for Let It Be was awful. I liked Jackson’s WWI color documentary

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      1. With Fire TV it has limitations. The 4k Fire Stick is what I would recommend…it’s 34.99 right now on Amazon.


      2. I believe the Fire Tv will work like the stick, you should be able to load Downloader and the app. After that, you wont need Hulu, HBO or any of the subscription services.


    1. I’ll be right with you…it looks really interesting. For me it’s like being told a tale all of my life and finally seeing it come to life.

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  3. This is great, Max. I watched the clip for the first time earlier this evening. I subscribe to and they pushed it out via email.

    Since I hardly watch TV, I just checked with my wife who confirmed we don’t have Disney+. When I told her I would look into signing up temporarily, she was very excited – not because of The Beatles but because of some show with Josh Peck (of Drake & Josh). Priorities… 🙂

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  4. I’m as excited for this as the rest of you, but maybe even more disappointed that Disney’s got it. I’ll be the grouchy one about this. As a reluctant ESPN+ subscriber (which is under the Disney+ umbrella), it’s been a horrible, unreliable service which holds itself accountable to no one for its failings. I’m hugely disappointed to see the Beatles sticking their fans with that. I hope the Disney lock on the film is very short lived.

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    1. Yes I would have rather went to the Theaters to see it…even 6 hours! It will be on BluRay soon I’m sure for Christmas. They have always released around this time…even when they were together.

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  5. After seeing what Jackson did with We Shall Not Grow Old, I trust he has done this one right as well. That trailer has me chomping at the bit to see it. I really hope it comes out in DVD in a hurry as I don’t have Disney Plus 😦

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