Otis Gibbs

I came across Otis’s youtube channel and I think some of you would be interested. He is a singer songwriter but on his channel he has conversations musicians who have played or worked with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, just to name a few, and  his own stories about different musicians. For you music fans it’s worth your time. The guy doesn’t interview people…he lets people talk and tell their stories.  He is also a good story teller. I’m hooked on his channel.

He has stories about Jerry Reed, The Replacements, Dan Baird, Merle Haggard, Ry Cooder, Towns Van Zant, Bill Monroe, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, John Prine, Mike Campbell and more.

He lives in Indiana but interviews many Nashville connected musicians. Check this guy out…His music is VERY good as well. I’m just checking that out more as I go… his music is classified as alt-country.

I just picked a few random youtube videos from his page below.

This is his youtube page:


Chuck Mead – 90s Alternative Country band BR5-49…talking about when he toured with Bob Dylan

Kenny Vaughn – Lucinda Williams  guitar player at the time talks about touring with Tom Petty

Chuck Mead again with Keith Richards

Dan Baird on the Replacements

Otis Gibbs Wiki



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

33 thoughts on “Otis Gibbs”

  1. I’ll need to check his channel out. I’ve heard some of his music and liked what I’ve heard, but these are new to me and I really never thought to check out YouTube.

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  2. Listened to the first one about Bob Dylan, and it was pretty entertaining. Will listen to more as time permits. We spent the last three days visiting a long-time friend, and I’ve fallen behind both on reading other blog posts and writing my own!

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    1. Glad you liked it Jeff! I know what you mean about falling behind. I spent the last week just catching up without writing an new posts.

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      1. Yet you posted two nearly every day. Do you write yours up in advance? So many bloggers seem to do that, but me generally being a day late and dollar short, I never have reviews or posts written ahead of time. I nearly always deliver them later than I’d promised to the artists, but since I write them for free, they really can’t complain too much!

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      2. Oh yes… I knew my schedule was going to go crazy because of work. I was 30 ahead… now I’m 18 ahead. I scheduled too much this weekend. I usually do one a day Mon thru Fri and 2 each day of the weekend… lately I’ve released too much.

        You do a great service Jeff. I am curious to see what you think of my song for the draft… not sure if you like that music.

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      3. OMG, you wrote 30 ahead of time?!? I could never ever do that, as I simply do not the discipline, enthusiasm nor motivation. I actually dislike writing immensely, plus am sure I now have ADD, which makes it extremely hard to focus on anything for very long. I really should not be a blogger.

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      4. Yes… I get on streaks Jeff… like my songwriting… I go find subjects and get into grooves. Now I can go a week or two without writing. I used to write the day before and got sick of it.
        Remember you write full posts…. mine are more blurbs. You have much more research. There is a big difference between them.
        I love the part about sharing something that I love… like Big Star and unknown things.

        You do a great job though. Your joy for music comes through.


      5. Yes I hardly touch albums… you just have so much info that is not known to write about…more power to you on those. I got a taste of it by doing these unknown 80s bands… and I just deal with one song!

        I’m going to try to stay somewhat caught up this time.

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