Quick Martha Update Part 3

I had some requests to show an update on Martha. I was going to post an update on her on October 4th 2020…exactly a year after we got her but with my work right now I had to hold that off. Her birthday is August 18, 2019 so now she is one year and five months old.

She has settled down now a little bit. This is our third Saint and we never had one with this much energy but now she has matured a little.

We had one scare with her. This goes out as a warning to anyone who is taking their pet to get a rabies shot. We never had trouble with it at all with our other dogs… but around 12 hours after the shot…she started to get really sick. For three days she could not hold anything down and would not eat… and the vet kept telling us to give her Benadryl. She was allergic to the rabies shot. After the third day my son came home with a hamburger and she ate it. When she did that she started to get better and was soon back to normal.

So after your pet gets a rabies shot…keep a close eye on them.

Anyway she has free range in our house. After she was house broken AND we could trust her not to eat our couch… she no longer has to stay in her kennel.

She still has a lot of energy but nothing like she did a few months ago.

I’ll give you a few pictures for updates starting with the first ones.

Martha at 2 months old…Oct 4, 2019


Martha at 3 Months old


Martha at 4 Months old…she still has the penguin and plays with it.


Martha at 7 months and 8 days in our driveway…March 26, 2020


Martha now…I brought her along to work with me…since I’m the only one left in IT at this moment and I have it all to myself…I had her setup…we were a little messy that day. 

After coming home from work…logging in trying to get a few more things done at work…Martha has other ideas

The song that she is named after! “Martha My Dear”

A Bird in the Mouth…?

Sorry…I have a short personal story…we will soon get back to music and pop culture.

It was an ordinary Sunday until 10-month-old Martha… our dog and family entertainer came in from the backyard. She came in and suddenly opened her mouth…when she did I saw another mouth in hers.

She dropped it on the floor. She had picked it up outside and it was still moving about.  The bird must have fallen out of a nest (we looked and saw no nest but the tree is huge) or got kicked out a little too early by mom.

I put it in a box…it didn’t appear hurt just understandably scared. In the box, it hardly moved and we googled on what to do. I called a friend and he told me about a wildlife animal refuge called “Waldens Puddle”and we called them. They could take the bird later in the afternoon.

I went outside and found a cricket and tried to feed the bird at least part of it. It was still too scared to move much. After a few hours the bird started to make a little noise like it was hungry…we ended up taking it down to Waldens and on the way, it finally took the cricket from my hand and started to eat…after that it wanted more. Then it would not shut up and made it clear it wanted food now. Part of us wanted to keep it at this point but we did the right thing and dropped it off.


The lady that took the bird was extremely nice and thanked us for bringing it in. We called back a few days later and the bird is doing great and is now “a favorite of the staff.” We found out what kind of bird it was…I wanted to say  “lucky” but the correct name is a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.

Here is what our visitor will look like when he or she grows up.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Cuba S4E0108 (19293820712).jpg


Quick Martha Update part 2

We got her October the 4th and she was 7 months old March 18, 2020. She is like a teenager right now….a big body with a toddler’s mind. She loves grabbing a shoe…not both but one…taking off with it. Many mornings I’ve had to search for my other shoe because of her shenanigans.  She is getting much better about chewing…she doesn’t do it much if any now.

She wants to play 24 hours a day though. Our other Saints were much calmer when they were her age but she is starting to slowly calm down just a little bit. Sometimes though when she is full of energy you brace yourself and get ready for the adventure. She still has a lot of growing to do and so far so good.

I will update again when she is a year old.

Martha at 2 months old…Oct 4


Martha at 3 Months old


Martha at 4 Months old


Martha at 7 months and 8 days in our driveway…March 26, 2020










Quick Update on Martha

Some people have asked me to post an update since I posted about the new puppy we got on October 3rd…Martha…here you go. She has been the most active puppy (and the most clumsy) we have had ever. She is growing into her paws… She will walk through things rather than walk around. Everything has to go in her mouth to chew… but she is fitting in just fine.

When we got her in October I could pick her up with one arm…that is not happening now. She has much more growing to do.

Martha at 2 months old


Martha at 3 Months old


Martha at 4 Months old…Now






New Addition

Things will not be boring around our household for the foreseeable future.

After losing Molly last November we decided we were finally ready for another dog. We got her Thursday night and she has more energy than we do by a mile. It’s going to be cool watching her grow and becoming one of us. Her name is Martha and I’m trying to keep up. Hard to believe that one day she will weigh more than some people do.

It’s fun to pick her up and carry her…knowing that won’t be possible in a few months/weeks. We are trying to find every wire, shoe, piece of anything, book, anything she can possibly put in her mouth and chew to bits out of reach.

I hear “no no no no” echoing through our house…that is how I know exactly where she is at that moment. Here are a few pictures…some are blurry because she doesn’t stop moving.