A Bird in the Mouth…?

Sorry…I have a short personal story…we will soon get back to music and pop culture.

It was an ordinary Sunday until 10-month-old Martha… our dog and family entertainer came in from the backyard. She came in and suddenly opened her mouth…when she did I saw another mouth in hers.

She dropped it on the floor. She had picked it up outside and it was still moving about.  The bird must have fallen out of a nest (we looked and saw no nest but the tree is huge) or got kicked out a little too early by mom.

I put it in a box…it didn’t appear hurt just understandably scared. In the box, it hardly moved and we googled on what to do. I called a friend and he told me about a wildlife animal refuge called “Waldens Puddle”and we called them. They could take the bird later in the afternoon.

I went outside and found a cricket and tried to feed the bird at least part of it. It was still too scared to move much. After a few hours the bird started to make a little noise like it was hungry…we ended up taking it down to Waldens and on the way, it finally took the cricket from my hand and started to eat…after that it wanted more. Then it would not shut up and made it clear it wanted food now. Part of us wanted to keep it at this point but we did the right thing and dropped it off.


The lady that took the bird was extremely nice and thanked us for bringing it in. We called back a few days later and the bird is doing great and is now “a favorite of the staff.” We found out what kind of bird it was…I wanted to say  “lucky” but the correct name is a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.

Here is what our visitor will look like when he or she grows up.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Cuba S4E0108 (19293820712).jpg


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

34 thoughts on “A Bird in the Mouth…?”

  1. Great story. What great looking fur baby you folk’s have in Martha! In regards to the bird named Lucky it pays off to have watched those episodes of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Merlin Perkins!

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  2. That is a fabulous story! Excellent photos, too. A blue-grey gnatcatcher! (Who knew?) Do they come in other colors? Maybe “Bird On A Wire” by Leonard Cohen would be a good accompanying song! Thanks for stepping outside the box. (Or inside the box!)

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    1. This is our third Saint Bernard…they really are gentle…but yes…I’m so happy it turned out alright for the bird…thank you for reading.

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  3. Aww! that’s wonderful. I’m glad you looked after that little bird and got it into good hands. I have to admit I couldn’t identify it from the photo, but i love those little gnatcatchers. Fun little birds that eat a ton of bugs. Even the adults are tiny. I found a nest once in Ontario… was probably the size of a silver dollar across.

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    1. Dave I’d never heard of that type of bird before. They are extremely cute. He really started to warm up to us in the car…it was hard letting him go but we knew we had to.
      Wow that is really small.

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      1. Sure will…in one more month she will be a puppy. She has been our most trying one. She is sweet as you can get but she demands attention.


  4. I love this story and judging from all of the Likes and Comments that you got, so does everyone else. One time while walking through the woods, I found a humming bird on the path that was not moving and I gave it to the zoo so it could get better.

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    1. Thanks Jim…We had one of those in our back screened in porch…they are much smaller than I ever knew. I thought the hummingbird was a moth.

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    1. Thank you…That was a learning experience. Part of me wanted to keep that bird but I knew it was wrong. Martha did really well.
      Before that she had a frog in her mouth for about 2 second and then laid it down quickly because of that taste. I think frogs will never be picked up again….the frog was fine though.

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  5. Martha must have picked it up really gently for it to have been uninjured but then some dogs – even big dogs – can do that.
    Lovely though baby birds are, it’s as well that you didn’t try to look after it yourself. They take an awful lot of care, and need to be fed regularly throughout the day, often every quarter or half hour, starting at dawn and going on til sunset!

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    1. She was gentle…so were the other ones we had…the only one to hurt other animals was the last one Molly and the only thing she would hurt and kill were bees. She would catch them with her mouth and did a really quick chew and let them fall out.

      Yea we wised up when that bird would not stop wanting food…we knew we were not equipped.

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