New Addition

Things will not be boring around our household for the foreseeable future.

After losing Molly last November we decided we were finally ready for another dog. We got her Thursday night and she has more energy than we do by a mile. It’s going to be cool watching her grow and becoming one of us. Her name is Martha and I’m trying to keep up. Hard to believe that one day she will weigh more than some people do.

It’s fun to pick her up and carry her…knowing that won’t be possible in a few months/weeks. We are trying to find every wire, shoe, piece of anything, book, anything she can possibly put in her mouth and chew to bits out of reach.

I hear “no no no no” echoing through our house…that is how I know exactly where she is at that moment. Here are a few pictures…some are blurry because she doesn’t stop moving.






Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

49 thoughts on “New Addition”

      1. yes…The melody…if it would have had a different title and came a year earlier I think it could have been a hit.
        George named it.

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      2. It’s difficult to choose, but I think it’s between Back in the USSR (even tho it’s been played to death on the radio) and Savoy Truffle. Mother Nature’s Son is a close contender.

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    1. Saint Bernard…we have had two others…we just love that breed. The life span is the only thing that is not good.


    1. They are the calmest and give more love than any breed I’ve ever had. There is a reason they have their name. Stubborn at times but that makes them more lovable.

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      1. We toyed with idea of getting a Great Dane also…I’ve read where they are close to the same. I just love the look of the Saints. Malamutes are beautiful dogs…I’ve just never heard much about them. That is good to know.

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  1. badfinger20 Kodiak, our mal, used to sing and sing and sing all the time. At first, our neighbors thought we were torturing him until they saw for themselves that he was just as happy as he could be. The only problem with Great Danes, just like with any giant breed dog, is they have to short of a lifespan. I hear Danes only live about 5-8 years. Saints are about 8-12, and Lucie will be 8 in December. She is slowing down, and having some issues, but we are optimistically hoping for at least 10. I think she’ll make it. Kodi was 10 1/2, which was old for a big mal.

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    1. Oh my name is Max….I should post it.
      Yes we only got 9 years out of both of ours. That is the downfall. I didn’t know Great Danes were that much less.

      I hope Lucie is ok and gets through it fine.

      The singing is hilarious…that is great.

      I came home when my wife was pregnant with our son and she had a bad day and was crying…right next to her was our Saint crying with her. I thought oh no…not in stereo.

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      1. I love it. Aren’t our dogs great?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Kodi also used to make snow caves. The weather would be horrible; snowing, sleeting, freezing, and Kodi would be outside just having a blast. He kept knocking on the door, NOT to come in, but for us to COME OUT. He thought the weather was perfect.

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      2. They are great! My son was 9 when we got Molly and she looked after him like a mom…if any of his friends or him played too rough…she would bark and referee and put a stop to it.
        Funny he wanted you to come out and play….Yes when the snow came both of them would perk up and love it.

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  2. She is soooo cute! Nice fluffy fur and beautiful markings. My Chauncey was big for a Boston Terrier at about 32# — do you know how tired I got of people saying, “He’s big for a Boston Terrier.”? He was one of the biggest in the litter but I chose him, no I take that back, he chose me. Walked over to the side of the refrigerator box where they all were, sat down, and stared at me. He was a very high energy little guy from the beginning and lived a good life. Nobody who met Chauncey ever forgot him πŸ™‚ Congratulations again on the new little lady in your home.

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    1. I’ve always liked Boston Terriers. That was a great match because you both knew. They gave us a pick of three last night…this one kept licking my face putting her head on all of our shoulders so she was it.
      Thank You…still waiting on word about the 4 year old.

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  3. Martha my Dear! She is going to be big! Congratulations! I admire your commitment to love again after losing Molly. We have a 16 yr old Pomeranian mix that is like our never grown child. We won’t be able to have another whenever she’s gone. It’s going to be very painful.
    May you have many years of loyal companion and love with Martha as only these beings can show.

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    1. Thank you so much. It was hard and it really hit my son bad because Molly was his childhood dog. Who am I kidding? It hit both my wife and me hard but we feel we are ready again because the pain is great at the end but they give you so much joy.
      It’s hard I know believe me. I’m happy you still have her. Our house feels like a home again. We really missed the presence. Thank you for your kind words.
      btw I’ll be by your blog tomorrow to check out the around the world music! I really enjoyed last week.

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