Quick Martha Update Part 3

I had some requests to show an update on Martha. I was going to post an update on her on October 4th 2020…exactly a year after we got her but with my work right now I had to hold that off. Her birthday is August 18, 2019 so now she is one year and five months old.

She has settled down now a little bit. This is our third Saint and we never had one with this much energy but now she has matured a little.

We had one scare with her. This goes out as a warning to anyone who is taking their pet to get a rabies shot. We never had trouble with it at all with our other dogs… but around 12 hours after the shot…she started to get really sick. For three days she could not hold anything down and would not eat… and the vet kept telling us to give her Benadryl. She was allergic to the rabies shot. After the third day my son came home with a hamburger and she ate it. When she did that she started to get better and was soon back to normal.

So after your pet gets a rabies shot…keep a close eye on them.

Anyway she has free range in our house. After she was house broken AND we could trust her not to eat our couch… she no longer has to stay in her kennel.

She still has a lot of energy but nothing like she did a few months ago.

I’ll give you a few pictures for updates starting with the first ones.

Martha at 2 months old…Oct 4, 2019


Martha at 3 Months old


Martha at 4 Months old…she still has the penguin and plays with it.


Martha at 7 months and 8 days in our driveway…March 26, 2020


Martha now…I brought her along to work with me…since I’m the only one left in IT at this moment and I have it all to myself…I had her setup…we were a little messy that day. 

After coming home from work…logging in trying to get a few more things done at work…Martha has other ideas

The song that she is named after! “Martha My Dear”

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

32 thoughts on “Quick Martha Update Part 3”

      1. Yeah, it was okay thanks, Max. Quiet. Boring is good? Then I must be very good right now, haha!
        Btw, my blog is going sooner than planned. Sorry. Take a look at my current post if you want.

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  1. What a great looking fur baby Max. Awesome you can take her to work as I’m sure she loves that. lol Glad to see everything worked out after the rabies shot. Scary stuff..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My mom would never let me have a pet in the house….NOTHING…so what did I do? I got the biggest one I could find…we are so use to a dog now Keith…living without one is not an option…but Jen works from home so it is much easier for us.


    1. Thank you! This is our 3rd Saint Bernard… Jen and I talked about it…without a dog, our house is not as much a home…
      I love Terriers…yes you do have a circus!
      We only have the dog but we have thought about getting back into salt water fish…but it’s a pain to keep up.

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      1. While I’ve really attached to our pets and was very sad when our two yorkies passed away a year ago or so (before we got the silky!), the driving force behind our pet circus is my wife. She grew up with all kinds of pets, so it’s natural to her being surrounded by these companions!

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      2. I will admit I get totally attached…after our first Saint died in 2008 I was devastated. Our other Saint died in 2018 and it was Bailey’s childhood dog he had since he was 8-18 so it really messed with him and me…and the wife of course… I’m probably the driving force here…so I am guilty! We had to put her down at the vets and for months it got to us.

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    1. Oh thank you…we live in the middle of 3 acres…we are pretty secluded and it’s peaceful.

      The more I hear about New Zealand the more I like it. I mean…from what I read…no venomous snakes, spiders, etc… Its reminding me of that famous garden in the Bible!

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      1. Wow…it’s not too much of a difference from there to where I live…around 300 miles. Will you ever come back or visit?

        I guess that is true about the grass… the only bad thing I’ve heard of…which is not too bad about New Zealand was the volcanos. The place looks beautiful.

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      2. Thank you Bruce. I like that and a great nickname. I had no clue about the earthquakes…well I guess they had to have something bad. I talked to the wife…whenever the world stops burning…a vacation there might sounds really good.

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  2. She’s a nice looking dog – and such a cute pup! Glad she’s doing well – scary about the vaccine but I guess that happens like it does in people too. Mighty good that you noticed and were able to get her better!

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    1. No we don’t trim her. Our first one had really short hair…like pine needles, Molly had longer hair, Martha is in between them both. They are all different.


      1. All you need to know is they are big old babies…they love attention and are lazy as hell.


  3. This made me smile! She’s a really beautiful girl. The b&w picture at the top is lovely. I can see her being a wonderful member of the family and household.

    The rabies shot allergy is scary. I’d never heard of that allergy. Myrtle gets her rabies shot this Saturday, so I’ll be watching. She’s done okay with the two prior ones.

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  4. Martha looks happy and healthy. I remember when you were so worried when she got her rabies shot. Glad she pulled through. So cool you can take her to work with you. Cute pictures of her!

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