Beatles – I’ve Got A Feeling

I’m glad the Let It Be album is getting a new life because of the Get back film.   It’s not Revolver by any means but it was never meant to be. Let It Be started off as an album that would feature minimum overdubs and get back to playing as a band. I’ve Got A Feeling is a mix of two unfinished songs, Paul McCartney’s “I’ve Got a Feeling” and John Lennon’s “Everybody Had a Hard Year.”

John Lennon did have a hard year. He got divorced, battled heroin addiction, police drug raid, Yoko had suffered a miscarriage and he was convicted of drug possession.

John had worked on this song earlier. After meeting with Paul at his St. John’s Wood home in London sometime in December of 1968 to merge both of their songs into one, John met with the others at Twickenham Studios on January 2nd, 1969, with an arrangement that was already formulated, right down to the synchronized vocals of both composers in the final verse. All that was left was to finalize the arrangement with George and Ringo and to rehearse it repeatedly before it was ready to record.

The Beatles recorded this live on the Apple rooftop, which was used in their movie, Let It Be. John Lennon’s guitar sounds downright nasty and George’s compliments that sound with clean licks off of his Fender.

The Let It Be album peaked at #1 in the Billboard Album Charts, Canada, and The UK in 1970.

The version of I’ve Got a Feeling which was released on Let It Be was recorded during the rooftop concert. The studio take was released on the 1996 Anthology 3. Let It Be… Naked, which was a remix album that came out in 2003, patched two different rooftop concert takes.

I would have loved to hear Elvis do a cover of this song…but I can’t imagine him singing the “wet dream” part but it would have been interesting.

Pearl Jam also did a version of this song.

I’ve Got A Feeling

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
Yeah, I’ve got a feeling.

Oh please believe me, I’d hate to miss the train
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
And if you leave me I won’t be late again
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
Yeah, I’ve got a feeling, yeah.

All these years I’ve been wandering around,
Wondering how come nobody told me
All that I was looking for was somebody
Who looked like you.

I’ve got a feeling, that keeps me on my toes
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

I’ve got a feeling, I think that everybody knows
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a feeling, yeah.

Ev’rybody had a hard year
Ev’rybody had a good time
Ev’rybody had a wet dream,
Ev’rybody saw the sunshine
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Ev’rybody had a good year,
Ev’rybody let their hair down,
Ev’rybody pulled their socks up,
Ev’rybody put their foot down.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Yeah I’ve got a feeling
A feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide
Oh no
Oh no no no

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I’ve got a feeling
I’ve got a feeling


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

34 thoughts on “Beatles – I’ve Got A Feeling”

  1. I’m totally with you, Max. I love that tune! While some folks consider the “Let It Be” album as somehow inferior, I’ve always loved it. Even with the Phil Spector treatment, it’s among my favorite Beatles records. That being said, I also enjoy the “naked” versions, especially of “Let It Be” and “The Long and Winding Road”.

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    1. The Naked version is my favorite version of the album. I mean Christian…the album had Let It Be, Get Back, and The Long And Winding Road…how bad could it be? lol. Not to mention it had The Two Of Us….
      The Naked version had Don’t Let Me Down which should have been on the original.

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  2. Two things pop to my mind with this song. 1. I thought it was similar to “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” because it’s sort of off the wall and repetitive, but still great. 2. I could never understand the middle section:

    ” All these years I’ve been wandering around,
    Wondering how come nobody told me
    All that I was looking for was somebody
    Who looked like you.”

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    1. Paul sings that part of course but I have to wonder if John contributed that.
      I’ve never looked at that before and I’ve played the song! Man…you are right…first of all I give Paul credit for not getting tongue-tied. That is one of the odder lyrics they ever did. Thanks for pointing that out.


  3. the song sounds a little – I dunno, unfinished perhaps – to me, but it’s not bad. I need to give a listen to that Let it Be naked album sometime, see what they had envisioned . Either way, ‘Let it Be’ was like you say, a good album even if a ways down the list of their best. Funny thing that just occurred to me was REM did the same thing late in their career too. After basically pushing the studio effects to the limit on ‘Around the Sun’, they decided to do a basic rock album, almost recorded live off the floor, with ‘Accelerate.’

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    1. It’s good for a band to get back to the basics. The reason I picked this song is because of Nora Jones…she did a cover as well. This song was more popular than I thought. Pearl Jam has done a great version of it also.

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    1. I like Let It Be Naked. I’ve never been a huge fan of Spector”s production on the original.

      The Get Back series…I’ve been waiting on that since I was a kid reading about all of that unseen footage…60 hours sitting there.

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      1. If not the 9 hours…at least the concert film. I saw it in the theater…it was really good.


      2. Just get a good surround sound when you watch it if you can…it’s worth it. No studio tricks just plain roots rock music.


      3. I got into Dylan after reading a Beatles book and how they met him and the influence on each other…them two built a lot of the sixties.


      4. I can’t believe the bootleg of Dylan’s California Wind just came out on his you tube channel. Do you know how long I have searched for this? I had it when the Bootleg 1 came out, but lost it a while later.

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