30 thoughts on “The Troggs”

  1. Yep… ‘Wild Thing’ is kind of like the gold standard that later bands like the Ramones would aim for. I always liked ‘Love is All Around’ in almost any version but am particularly fond of the REM one. Just those two songs showed the Troggs had a bit of range not every garage rock unit did.

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    1. They were a good raw fun band….who really hit huge with Wild Thing.
      I saw one version by Mills that he said that he and Peter Buck liked the Troggs but again Stipe didn’t much care about them. Stipe wasn’t a big fan of garage music I don’t think…he didn’t like Superman either too well.

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      1. that’s probably why Mills did lead vocals… while I guess I prefer Stipe’s vocals and its what makes REM sound like REM, I do like the songs where Mills takes over – “Texarkana”, “Near Wild Heaven” etc. Buck was much more the rock afficionado, whereas Stipe liked art rock (like Patti smith, Talking Heads) or straight ahead pop – he loves Jimmy Webb songs…then again, who doesn’t?

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      2. That makes sense on their likes…it’s good to hear a different voice in songs to me once in a while…it breaks it up. I think Mills sings Superman great live…it gives a variety.


  2. ‘Wild Thing’ is one of my two ‘go to’ karaoke songs! (The other being ‘Johnny B Goode.’ )
    Did the WET WET WET cover of ‘Love is All Around’ make the US Charts? 15 wees at #1 here in UK – the third ongest stay at the top spot, behind Frankie Laine and then Bryan Adams wth 18 and 16 weeeks respectively.

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  3. For ’66 this song was in-tense; You can hear the barely restrained teenage rebellion seething away.
    I always rated ‘Love Is All Around.’ Wet Wet Wets version -excuse the pun- was not a patch on it, though it sold and sold and held on to the number one spot forever here, as Onceuponatime70s said.

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    1. After listening to Wild Thing and other songs back then…yea I could see that it would stick out among the pack.

      I agree with you with that version completely. Sometimes the best way is the straightforward way.

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    1. We are on the same wavelength Bruce! I wasn’t born when Wild Thing was out…but I do enjoy them.
      How are you doing Bruce? You resting up?

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      1. I found your new story as soon as I commented….I’m checking that site out now Bruce


  4. I’d never heard ‘With a Girl With You’ until I wrote my #1 post on it, but I really like it. Possibly the most ‘garagey’ of all the 64-66 beat songs (tied with ‘You Really Got Me’). But their finest moment is probably that grungey opening note on ‘Wild Thing’. Love it!

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    1. Yea…it’s hard to beat Wild Thing but yea…With A Girl Like You sounds like it came out a neighborhood basement or garage…. hmm. garagey…yea I have to remember that!

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