Lava Lamps

I own a couple of lava lamps and I run them quite a bit. I didn’t get my first one until the 80s and I still have it. They do nothing but do their thing…and they create a mood. I have one in my office at work…it helps at times.

The lava lamp was invented in 1963 by Edward Craven WalkerHe was passing the time in a pub when he noticed a homemade egg timer crafted from a cocktail shaker filled with alien-looking liquids bubbling on a stove top. Craven Walker’s company was manufacturing millions of “Astro Lamps,” as he called them, per year. In 1965, he sold the U.S. manufacturing rights to a company called Lava Lite.

Lava lamps caught on in the sixties and continued to be big to the late seventies. The sales cooled off until the Austin Power movies and the sales started to pick up again in the hundreds of thousands a year. Now Lava Lite supplies millions of lava lamps to retailers.

Far Out Man

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Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Lava Lamps”

      1. but at least your team prevailed!! No one else here was into watching, so I just kind of kept track online but I went to bed long before it was done! Looking at boxscore, looks like Dodgers might have advantage today too with them using up their pitchers less– no Eovaldi for Sox today

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      2. Oh I’m happy…the last two games show the one weak area of the Dodgers lineup… contact or lack of… They are like George Foreman…they can knock you out with homers but I wish small ball would appear a little more…don’t get me wrong…I’m happy. They win tonight and it’s a new series

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      3. well, that’s been a complaint about my Jays quite frequently for years, but seems like all of baseball is copying that playbook- have 160 pound infielders even go up there and swing for the fences and somehow they’ll get 18 HR … and also strikeout 200 times. No one thinks to try to put down a soft grounder to move a runner or hit against the shift anymore… alas

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      4. Situational hitting… Hopefully that shift will come around again… The Sox make contact and I admire that about them…but playing in Dodger stadium has slowed them down a little from Fenway.

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    1. I have a black light also and a couple of black light posters… They put me in a good mood. Good to hear from you again! What a coincidence….my son and I are watching A Blast of Silence….just started it.

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  1. always wanted one, never have had a real one, though I was given a little promo one with USB connection (from Fuji film maybe a decade back) that was sort of cool, but not quite the same!

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