Dr. Hook – The Cover of the Rolling Stone

At one time this novelty song was true…you wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone when it was a good magazine…but that is a different discussion. This song was released in 1972 and peaked at #6 in the Billboard 100 and #2 in Canada. Dr. Hook was very successful with 6 top ten hits in their career. They were also known as Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

From Songfacts.

This is a parody of the rock and roll lifestyle. It pokes fun at all the things that rock stars indulge in when they’re successful: groupies, shady characters hanging around, limo rides, etc.

The group had a funny side and a serious side, but it was the funny side that came out on stage and framed their image. The pirate theme added to the novelty of the group: originally known as the Chocolate Papers, they took the name Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show after the character in Peter Pan, which also played up the eye patch worn by their singer Ray Sawyer, who many people assumed was “Dr. Hook.” Sawyer wore the eye patch as a result of a car accident.

Cover of the Rolling Stone

Well, we’re big rock singers
We got golden fingers
And we’re loved everywhere we go (that sounds like us)
We sing about beauty and we sing about truth
At ten-thousand dollars a show (right)
We take all kinds of pills that give us all kind of thrills
But the thrill we’ve never known
Is the thrill that’ll gitcha when you get your picture
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone

(Rollin stone) want to see my picture on the cover
(Stone)Wanna buy five copies for my mother (yes)
(Stone)Wanna see my smilin’ face
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone (that’s a very very good idea)

I got a freaky ole lady name a cocaine Katy
Who embroideries on my jeans
I got my poor ole grey haired daddy
Drivin’ my limousine
Now it’s all designed to blow our minds
But our minds won’t really be blown
Like the blow that’ll gitcha when you get your picture
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone

(Rollin Stone) want to see our pictures on the cover
(Stone) want to buy five copies for our mothers (yeah)
(Stone) want to see my smilin’ face
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone
(talking) Hey, I know how
Rock and roll

Ah, that’s beautiful
We got a lot of little teenage blue eyed groupies
Who do anything we say
We got a genuine Indian Guru
Who’s teaching us a better way
We got all the friends that money can buy
So we never have to be alone
And we keep getting richer but we can’t get our picture
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone

(Rollin stone)Gonna see my picture on the cover
(Stone) Gonna buy five copies for my mother (wa wa)
(Stone) Gonna see my smilin’ face
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone
On the cover of the Rollin’ 
Stone) Gonna see my picture on the cover
(talking) I don’t know why we ain’t on the cover, baby
(Stone) Gonna buy five copies for my mother
(talking) We’re beautiful subjects
(Stone) Want to see my smilin’ face
(talking) I ain’t kiddin’, we would make a beautiful cover
On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone
(talking) Fresh shot, right up front, man
I can see it now, we’ll be up in the front
Smilin, man
Ah, beautiful.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Hook – The Cover of the Rolling Stone”

  1. If I remember correctly, the song worked, and got them on the cover, haha. This group did some great songs. Who didn’t know a ‘Sylvia’s Mother’? About the magazine, I’ve just written a sort of review of ‘Sticky Fingers’–the biography of Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine. I want to comment (rant) further, but I’ll restrain myself for now and let my review do the talking. I think it will be done in another week or two.

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    1. Yes it did work! They were a fun band. They had a variety of things. They would do funny stuff and serious songs. When I was a teenager I had my subscription and looked for it every month…then I stopped it after I got older.

      I’m looking forward to it. I’ll shut up until your review.


      1. I will give credit first….he did some great interviews with Townshend and Lennon… other than that…he plays gatekeeper to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which only includes his own taste…
        The magazine is more advertising than articles now…at one time it was a great magazine. no I don’t like the man.

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  2. I know they did get their cover months later, but I seem to recall (reading- didn’t have the magazine back in the day) that it was a cartoon pic of them and they felt a bit snubbed they didn’t get an actual photo like most artists. I never subscribed to it, but I bought many a copy from the 80s on, but agree it’s not what it used to be. Used to love the mix of music stories and reviews with political or social investigating. But, “not what it used to be” could be said of most magazines these days unfortunately

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    1. The articles really started to get bad in my opinion…catering to the artist completely. Plus like I said…it was more advertising than articles….that started before the internet.

      Yes I do remember that cartoon picture of them.

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  3. While this song definitely has a sense of humor I never really considered it a “novelty song.” I’ll have to think about whether or not there’s a difference. Anyway, like many of the great Dr Hook tunes this was written by Shel Silverstein. Shel also wrote A Boy Named Sue for Cash and a bunch of songs with Bobby Bare and others. Not to mention writing great children’s literature like The Giving Tree. Shel was an amazing person.

    As for RS, its true that the old gray mare, she aint what she used to be. But Matt Taibbi currently writes the best political articles in the magazine’s history. Really tremendous stuff. Unfortunately thats about all thats worth reading over there these days.

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    1. Novelty may have been off but I guess I was comparing it to their other hits… I love it…don’t get me wrong. I thought it was clever…and it worked… I guess it depends on the definition. “You Know My Name” by the Beatles I would consider novelty… Now you have me thinking if that is right.

      I grew up with Rolling Stone magazine and I loved it… It just started to go down and I’m not a big fan of Jann Wenner. Saying that I will say he did some great interviews in his day…Ones that stick out was Lennon and Townshend.

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