TV Draft Recap Rounds 1-3

This is a recap of rounds 1-3 that was held earlier. Hope you will join us on Friday, April 22, 2022, as we kick off Round 4. If you want a full recap as we go… go here or go to “TV Draft” in the menu on the site.

Round 1TV ShowWho PostedHome Site
1.Doctor WhoVic
2.The SopranosMike
3.Bozo’s CircusJohn 
4.Barney MillerMax
5.The WireKirk
6.Police SquadKeith
7.Only Murders in the Building (OMITB)Paula
Round 2
1.The Odd CoupleMike
2.Cartoon TownJohn 
3.Fawlty TowersMax
4.Rockford FilesKirk
5.Mission ImpossibleKeith
Round 3TV ShowWho PostedHome Site
1Hogan’s HeroesJohn 
3Starsky & HutchVic
4Perry MasonKeith
6Lovecraft CountryLisa
7King Of The HillDave
8Adam 12Max

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

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