TV Draft Round 3 – Pick 3 – Starsky & Hutch

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Welcome to the Hanspostcard TV Draft. The remaining 8 rounds will be posted here. We will have 64 different TV Shows by 8 different writers. I hope you will enjoy it! Today’s post was written by Vic from

I was raised in law enforcement. My dad was a Probation/Parole Officer, his younger brother, a city cop in our hometown and my first cousin became a deputy. Some years later, when my dad re-married, my stepmom was Parking Enforcement for the same city police department. I grew up watching every manner of cop TV show you could find, from re-runs of Dragnet to Hawaii Five-O to Kojak to The Rookies to Baretta to Adam-12 to The Rockford Files to Police Story…and everything in-between. My personal favorite was Starsky & Hutch. I had a “thing” for Paul Michael Glaser. His picture was one of four photos I kept as a kid and young teen. The others were Lindsay Wagner, Olivia Newton-John and John Schneider. I later regretted my attachment to him. I didn’t remember most of the episodes but, I was reintroduced to the show in the 90s with re-runs. ~Vic

Created and written by William Blinn (Brian’s Song, The Rookies, Eight Is Enough & Pensacola: Wings of Gold), it starred David Soul (Det. Sgt. Kenneth Richard “Hutch” Hutchinson), Paul Michael Glaser (Det. Sgt. David Michael Starsky), Antonio Fargas (Informant Huggy Bear) and Bernie Hamilton (Captain Harold C. Dobey). In the Pilot TV Movie, Captain Dobey was played by Richard Ward. Sgt. Hutchinson was from Duluth, MN, was divorced and was a reserved, intellectual type. Sgt. Starsky was from Brooklyn, NY, was an Army veteran, had street-smarts and, could be intense & moody. Informant Huggy Bear was a flashy, ethically ambiguous bar owner that provided the two Sergeants with whatever street action knowledge he could gather. Captain Dobey was their barking & gruff but, fair boss. He had his hands full with those two. One of the main characters of the show was Starsky’s red, 1975 Ford Gran Torino (four of them, actually), nicknamed the “Striped Tomato.” In the show, Hutch calls the car that name in the episode Snowstorm (10-01-1975) but, that crack actually came from Paul Michael Glaser when Aaron Spelling showed him the car (First Season DVD Collection). Hutch’s vehicle was a beat-up, tan, 1973 Ford Galaxie 500, whose horn would blow when the door was opened.

Hutch Gran Torino Colt Python IMDb & Amazon Image Two
Hutch & His Colt Python
Photo Credit: IMDb & Amazon

Favorite Episodes:
The Fix (10-08-1975)
Running (with Jan Smithers/02-25-1976)
The Las Vegas Strangler Part I & Part II (with Lynda Carter/09-25-1976)
Nightmare (11-28-1976)
Starsky’s Lady (with Season Hubley 02-12-1977)
Long Walk Down A Short Dirt Road (with Lynn Anderson/03-12-1977)
Fatal Charm (with Karen Valentine & Roz Kelly/09-24-1977)
I Love You, Rosey Malone (10-01-1977)
Blindfold (with Kim Cattrall/09-26-1978)

Trivia Bits:
☆ Originally, Starsky was supposed to drive a green and white Chevy Camaro but, the producers had a contract with Ford.
☆ On numerous occasions, Paul Michael Glaser has talked about how much he hated the car, as well as playing Starsky and, that he had campaigned to be released from his contract.
Zebra Three was the radio call sign for Starsky, Hutch…and the car.
☆ Starsky and Hutch were based on Lou Telano and John Sepe.
☆ The Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver used by Hutch is the same pistol carried by David Soul in his role as Officer John Davis in Magnum Force.
☆ The show had four different opening theme songs with seasons two and four crafted by Tom Scott and sounding similar. Season one was crafted by Lalo Schifrin and season three crafted by Mark Snow, known for the X-Files theme.

Different Themes


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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34 thoughts on “TV Draft Round 3 – Pick 3 – Starsky & Hutch”

  1. I remember that car Vic. The car was as big of hit as the actors. It was around 77 or so that I remember watching this for the first time over a friends house. I loved those cop shows of that time.

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    1. It was awesome. Growing up in my hometown, someone had the same car, only it was blue instead of red.

      One thing I didn’t cover was the industry backlash. There were those in Hollyweird that really didn’t like this show, as S&H were seen as…quote…”French kissing homos.” Some thought the duo too “touchy-feely.” It was actually groundbreaking in style.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What? I never got that out of them at all! I liked all of those cop shows. They had some really good writers in tv back then.


      2. As a kid, I would never pick up on anything like that. As an adult, when the reruns were in the 90s, it seemed quaint instead of cutting edge.

        This is a really bad video of outtakes but, the “homo” comment comes near the end.

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  2. mostly I remember the car too; there was one painted just like it in our neighborhood. I think it was on a bit too late at night or something and I wasn’t allowed to see it, so I knew of it and the main characters but never really saw it back then. I’ve seen the odd one in re-run in recent years on the oldies TV station.

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  3. That car was one assault on the eyeballs, as was that Starsky sweater/jacket- that thing became a short lived fashion item over here for about… a fortnight. And the show did give David Soul a shot at ‘Don’t Give Up On Us,’ his quavery wavery ‘hit’ song as well.
    All in all it was a reasonably entertaining way to fill in an hour on a school-night though.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t get that picture out of my mind! I googled it to be sure and yes…as soon as I typed in “huggy bear” …. goldfish shoes automatically filled in.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I had Matchbox…I had some Hotwheels but mostly matchbox… I don’t think I had it either.


      2. I’m not sure…I wish I would have ordered my Mini in green and yellow stripes…or the opposite.


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