Keith Moon Stories

Here are a few short Keith Moon stories. If you want an entertaining book…get Full Moon by Keith Moon’s assistant. Peter “Dougal” Butler.

I didn’t get all the Keith Moon posts out yesterday so I wanted to post this today…I made sure all of these were short so it would not take too much time.

Helen Mirren’s Keith Moon Story

Alice Cooper “If you could live with him…he was the best drummer of all time”

Alice again

Pete Townshend’s Story

Graham Chapman

Roger talks about Keith

A very drunk Keith and Ringo

Keith…on Keith

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

25 thoughts on “Keith Moon Stories”

      1. I don’t think so. You love the guy. Nothing wrong with that. He was a fantastic musician. I usually don’t say that about drummers–not that they are inferior, but they’re in a class by themselves. But Moon transcended that, for me. There are other drummers as consequential to me, but I know that Moon is top of the tops for you.

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    1. Oh yea the standing ovation…I loved that. I now have the audio version and the guy who narrates it is the young actor in the book that Keith tried to help…And of course I have the hard copy also.


  1. Not the guy to have around if you wanted your house to remain intact, I guess, hahaha!

    I love the helen Mirren and the second Alice Cooper clips, can just imagine Keith on top of the car!

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      1. LOL…yea he was a wild one! I’m jealous of you Val…glad you got to see him drum. His drumming gets lost.


  2. Like you I’m a big Who and Moon fan. When I as younger I ate up all the antics. As I got older, it became sad. I’m certainly no prude or “holler than thou” type guy but in reality he could have been more creative if he ever cleaned up. It killed him. He was a lovable character and his drumming is some of my favorite. I read a biography on Oliver Reed a while back. Him and Moon became fast friends and terrorized the world for a while. I would have liked to join them at one time. At least for a bender.

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    1. Just for one day and night…that would have been an adventure..if we could keep up with them two… Yes I agree with you…he over did everything he tried…at the end supposedly he was slowing down but you never know…he looked so old at the end.

      But what a natural talent…

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      1. I wouldnt have payed him any attention if he didnt play drums in one of the best rock n roll bands ever. And yeah he played them like no one else. Max, if I was young guy and had the money and fame thrown at me I probably would have done the same but not with his crazy style. Oliver Reed was a bad has drinker and said Moon was in a different league. KM landed a helicopter on his property so they could party.

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      2. I read a huge book on him… “Dear Boy” and it was interesting….he had a borderline personality disorder…with degrees of psychosis and manic depression. He would take speed to calm down like Riddlin is used now.
        But yea his drumming…my gosh CB….I’ve heard some secluded tracks from him…no drummer would even think about doing it that way.
        You hear drummers that copy Bonham, Peart, and others and do ok… but none can get Moon.
        Oliver Reed yea I want to read something about him…didn’t he say that Moon showed him to insanity or the bizarre?…I forgot which. Reed was out there himself.

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      3. Yes that is it… It has a different name depending on which country it is. Some great stories…and you learn about everything about him.
        Thanks for chatting Moon with me CB…he was an interesting character…although sad in a lot of respects.

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