1970’s TV Catch Phrases

In 2018 I did a Slang from the Seventies post but on this one, I wanted to concentrate on TV Catch Phrases. It’s funny that some people would tune into shows just to hear them…waiting for JJ to say Dy-no-mite in Good Times.

Lookin’ Good! – Chico and the Man

Stifle Yourself – All In The Family

Dy-no-mite Good Times

Who Loves Ya Baby? – Kojak

Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – The Incredible Hulk

Good night, John Boy – The Waltons

Kiss my grits! – Alice

Book ’em Danno – Hawaii Five-0

Jane, you ignorant slut – Saturday Night Live

God wll get you for that – Maude





Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

55 thoughts on “1970’s TV Catch Phrases”

    1. Glad you liked it Bruce! This was fun to do…a little change up. I haven’t see Kojak in years…in my house it’s always 1975…I have a lot of these shows. Need to get Kojak.

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    1. YES…funny that you mentioned that one. I had it down but I could not find a decent video of them saying it.
      Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it…I thought it might have lacked enough info but it was fun.

      BTW…great album pick today. Your review was great…I spend time trying to edit mine down…but I don’t succeed.


      1. I can’t believe it’s not on Youtube, wow.

        Thanks re the album pick. I didn’t mean for the review to be so short, but I had spent all of my energy on deciding which of his early albums to pick, haha.

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      2. The only one I found was a video taped one off of a television…I might do 80s tv catchphrases next!

        It was good and to the point. I did figure with Big Star I had to explain more…and the one I’m doing Monday… I’m glad you got Tom in the countdown.


      3. Some of the albums do call for more information or explanation. I’ve had to pare my prior reviews down, and a couple of them still ended up long. 😀 I’m amazed no one had picked TP before now.

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      4. No Stones, Zeppelin, or Kinks have amazed me. Mine Monday…I think you like but I’m not sure…scratch that I’m sure…you commented on one of their songs. All of my choices have been between 68-72… I need to break out of that…but not soon!


      5. The hard part is not being able to choose compilation albums. I bet the Stones’ Hot Rocks would have been chosen already. I bet someone is eyeing Exile on Main Street or Tattoo You, though.

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      6. Oh yea the compliation ones would be most of the ones picked. Every day I go to work I look forward to see what album is picked.

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    1. That is a good one! That one I didn’t think of….What I should have done is to list around 20 with no videos…I didn’t want to add a lot of videos. I had “Up your nose…” but I couldn’t find a short good video of it.


  1. “Elizabeth! It’s the big one! I’m coming, Elizabeth!”
    “Oo, Oo, Oo! Mr. Kah-ter!”
    “Just one more thing…”
    “Nanu, nanu.”
    “De plane! De plane!”
    “What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”
    “And, that’s the way it is…”
    “Come on down!”
    “Hey, hey, hey!”
    “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”
    “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”
    “Never assume…”
    “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”
    “You’ve got spunk.”

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    1. LOL…Would it have still been ok if I wouldn’t have put the videos? I would have had more if I didn’t put the videos…I didn’t want to place 20 links on here.
      De Plane and Willis I had..and up your nose..


      1. Your call. No big deal. You could do a series instead of all of them in one post.

        There are so many of them, spanning decades.

        I just went off on a tangent (walk down memory lane). Sorry…

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      2. lol keep on strolling….nothing wrong with that…I live that on the block of yesterday and the day before…
        I need all the help I can get


      3. At least I have next week mapped out for once! I usually decide around 9 the night before. Just thinking of them is the hardest part. I don’t want to use too many of this band or another


      4. The band that rescues me are the Beatles on weekends. I at least do 2-3 a month…I don’t mind over doing them a little…I’ll post any song by them at any time….no other band I think that way.
        You have it harder than me…finding stories. I like when you find those…like the dog who walked story


      5. It can be a struggle but, researching stuff is what I do. Walking storehouse of information, at your service. What I don’t know, most of the time, I can find, even if it is just snippets or a digital echo. I like to dig. You never know what you might find.

        With stories, we march into the future every day (even if it appears bleak) and there is always something happening.

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      6. See I want to do more special stuff…this one wasn’t my best lol…but it was fun. I’m going to do a write up about All in the Family soon…it just takes a while


      7. I know you like to dig…it’s up your alley but coming up with the subject can be difficult


      8. Heh. I liked the dream about Keith Moon.

        I just realized that, from your Life on Mars post, John Simm (The Master) is the main character.

        So, powerpop isn’t pop music, it’s pop culture. Well…duh. I wasn’t blogging back in 2017.


      9. Oh yea…well it’s kinda both I guess…I do love Power pop also. But do you see what I mean? I would just post on different subjects.


    1. I still like these shows. Bob Newhart Show, All In The Family…I remember most of them when I was a kid. I have to admit I still watch them.

      Sometimes I comment too much…I’ve had to learn to watch that. If I ever do just say Max back off! lol. I’m a shy person by nature but It’s nice finding people with common interests.

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    1. No it’s not the same anymore. That is why it’s always 1975 at my house because I have most of these shows lol.
      I do watch them a lot.

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  2. I definitely remember all these and a few that didn’t make the list (like “Sit on it” from Happy Days). I think my favorite out of the above is Maude. I haven’t thought of that show in years. Flo was pretty damn funny on Alice too.

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    1. I should have added more but I didn’t want to have 20 videos to come up… next time I may do them without the videos. Thank you for reading.


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