Slang from the Seventies

I remember most of these. Once in a while when I’m in a good mood at work…I will slip some of these in just to see the reactions. I’m in IT so I can get by with it…we are viewed as weird anyway. I never realized how much out of date slang there is out there. This doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Do Me a Solid – do me a favor

To the Max – I still use this one…it contains my name so it fits.

Disco Biscuits – Quaaludes

Cool Beans – Not a side dish but it’s cool

10-4 – good buddy – an understanding

Sweet! – very cool

Psyche – To fake someone out…love this one

Groovy – Everything is cool

Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid – Stop getting into my business

Do Me A Solid – Do me a favor

Catch you on the flip-side – See you later

Far Out – Cool and groovy

Can You Dig It – Do you understand

Wicked – Awesome

The Skinny – The lowdown

Good Night Johnboy – from the Waltons…a form of goodbye

Dy-no-mite! – JJ or Jimmy Walker from Goodtimes…something that is great.

Dream On – Saying something is unrealistic

The Man – Well this one is used today…the authority, corporations, police, government… the boss

Bitch’n – very cool

Gimme Five – This one has totally vanished…I’m updating this one…many do this with kids now…so I see a comeback.

No Way, Jose – Not going to happen

That’s Bogus – Not fair


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Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

32 thoughts on “Slang from the Seventies”

  1. Still use: sweet!, groovy, see you on the flip side, dream on, no way Jose. Ones forgotten but remember fondly: psyche, far out, wicked, dy-no-mite. About Gimme 5 – I hope parents still use this with their kids! I loved doing, gimme 5, way high, way low, too slow! Good Night Johnboy – from one of the best TV shows ever made, then and now. Its only competition for me is Northern Exposure. We shortened bogus to bogue and used it a lot. So your name isn’t really badfinger? 😉

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    1. I’d love to be Badfinger! lol.. I love the Waltons. I loved Grandpa…when he passed it just wasn’t the same. I still watch that show… it was good for a very long time. I’m going to do a post about them soon. I have one started…just a well written show.
      I haven’t seen Northern Exposure in a long time.

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      1. I know they probably will… I bought the set and then burned them into video files…I now stream everything to our tv… no finding the dvd etc…

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  2. I don’t know if it’s just a regionalism up here in Boston. It used to be hard to get through a conversation, without the word ‘Pissa’, meaning good. ‘Wicked Pissa’ meant really good, and ‘Wicked F***in’ Pissa’ meant, well, you know. Good one, Badfinger. This one was fun to read.

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  3. The first thought I had when I saw your headline- for 70’s slang- Cake- as in ‘your a cake’- as in being a baby or sissy. I see there are also other more vulgar meanings these days.

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    1. Yea I was going to have “Sit On It” from Happy Days and I thought it meant just shut up…but not now lol
      I havent heard the Cake one in a long long time.

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    1. Yes we do… I did the “Stop dipping in my Kool aid” the other day…that one… people don’t know lol. Alot of them though you are right


      1. Personality… that is it… that is what I think is missing today with cars and houses looking all alike.


      2. Yea I feel like people are afraid to be different. Individuality is missing… I’m pretty bleak thinking I guess… You have a point though…without some conflict you can get in a comfortable rut.


      3. I’ve tried to teach my son that. I wasn’t sure if I could get through but I did. He marches to his own drummer… At first he was trying to fit in and I told him…he needed to be him not what everyone else thought he should be.


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