Rolling Stones – Criss Cross

A new old song from the Stones. This song has been in the vault…it will be included with the reissued “Goats Head Soup,” out Sept. 4. Two more unheard tracks will be on the reissue. Thanks to Deke for pointing this song out last week.

It’s a cool funky track produced by Jimmy Miller.

“The remastered “Goats Head Soup” box set and deluxe editions will all feature 10 bonus tracks, including “Criss Cross,” the previously unheard “Scarlet,” featuring guitar by Jimmy Page, and a third newly unearthed song, “All The Rage.” All three songs were recorded more than 40 years ago but were never officially released until now.

Criss Cross

Baby. Ooh!
Save me. Ooh!
Save me. Ah!
Yeah, here come a woman
Givin’ me a criss cross mind
Save me
Save me. Ooh!
Yeah, here come a woman
Giving me a criss cross mind
Oh I got a lotta knots in my hair
I can’t seem to straighten out
Ah, I think I need a blood transfusion
Yeah, here come a lady
Giving’me a criss cross mind

Touch me
Ooh, yeah!
Kiss me
Ooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah!
Lip to lip
Skin to skin
Ring to ring
Tongue to tongue
Thigh to thigh
Oh baby
All the time
Save me
Yeah here come a lady
Giving’ me a criss cross mind
Mama walkin’ around in the rain
She want you every night
An’ think I need a blood transfusion
Yeah here come a woman
Givin’ me a criss cross mind
Yeah, yeah
Save me. Save me. Save me. Save me
And feed me, yeah
Baby. Baby. Baby
Save me
Cheek to cheek
Ohh yeah
Tounge to tounge

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

30 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Criss Cross”

  1. Amazing that the Stones sat on this stuff for well over 40 years!
    Thanks for the shout out Max. Criss Cross is a great track. Looking forward to hearing the deluxe version.

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  2. Interesting, I had completely missed the release of that “new” tune! Based on how the reissue currently is displayed in Apple Music, it looks like there will be two additional new/never before released tracks (currently listed as “Track 11” and “Track 12”) and a live set with well-known tunes, such as “Brown Sugar”, “Tumbling Dice”, “Midnight Rambler” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. Apparently, they skipped “Satisfaction” – what’s wrong with them! There are also alternate versions of some of songs that were on the original release. Altogether, this looks like a typical reissue to me, which is mostly targeted at die-hard fans. To be clear, nothing wrong with that!

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    1. I’m really looking forward to this release. It’s nice to hear something new with that sound again.
      One of them has Jimmy Page which is interesting I guess written about his daughter .

      LOL oh no…no Satisfaction…we don’t have enough versions of that one.

      One of my favorite Stones songs is 100 Years Ago… that one is on this album.

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  3. This makes my heart soar. I read about their new-old release, but this is my first time to hear it. It’s so completely uninhibited. I want to know what else my fave bands have in those old ‘vaults’.

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    1. I love these artists opening up the vaults. Neil and then this one. I hope more may be coming.
      It’s not just the songs but the “sound” of it. You don’t hear that anymore.
      We have two more unheard tracks to look forward to off of this one. The one with Jimmy Page will be interesting.


      1. In Nashville one recording studio opened up with nothing but analog…reel to reel recorders and 60s-70s recording consoles. Bands are wanting that sound again.
        There is a guy named Jonathan Wilson (70s country rock) who has played with big time people, just recorded an album with 70s technology.

        Other recording studios here have at least installed reel to reel so artists have a choice…

        It’s harder because when you mess up…it isn’t as easy to correct as digital…I love this subject…so I’ll shut up now lol.


      2. It’s great there is a place where people can make their own version of the sound. It sort of makes me think of the difference between darkroom and photoshop…. both of which I have no skill, but I appreciate the work of people who do.

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      3. There was a show in the UK called “Sgt Pepper Recreated” where newer bands went to Abbey Road to record one song each off of Sgt Pepper but they had to use the original equipment the Beatles did.
        Some of it is on youtube if you ever care to watch…it’s interesting.
        There is an art to both fields…I always wanted to learn about a darkroom.


    1. You will never know but…you know what I like? The sound…it’s a funky song…not bad but it’s the sound I like so much. It has that dirty sound.


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