Sloan – Coax Me —-Powerpop Friday

Sloan got its start in Halifax during the early ‘90s. The band played around the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design before moving to Toronto.

The band made their recording debut on the Halifax, Canada CD compilation “Hear & Now” with the song  “Underwhelmed” before releasing their debut EP “Peppermint” in 1991 on their own label Murderecords. In 1992 Sloan signed with Geffen Records and released their full-length debut “Smeared”. The album had somewhat of a grunge style.

Coax Me was on their second album Twice Removed. They changed their style with the second album with a more power pop feel. Geffen didn’t like the change and pulled a lot of support but it did peak at #25 in the Canadian Album Charts.  Coax Me peaked at #6 in the Canadian RPM Charts in 1994.

DeKe mentioned this band and their style is right up my alley. I’ve listened to a few of their songs and I really liked what I’ve heard so far.

Coax Me

It all seemed to happen so fast
Will you ever believe the way he passed away
I saw his widow speak on her fortune
She was feelin’ pretty apathetic

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

If I drink concentrated OJ
Can I think Consolidated’s okay?
It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans
Three cans of water perverts me

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

And after he died
By rights she’d have cried
I gave mine away
I gave mine away

I saw a widow’s peak on her forehead
It was full of lines and sinkers

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

26 thoughts on “Sloan – Coax Me —-Powerpop Friday”

  1. Another Canadian band that didn’t get their due outside of the great White North (although they were very big there in the ’90s). “Underwhelmed” did make it onto US radio,but not in a huge way, unfortunately that convinced many including their label that they were the next Nirvana when if anything they were the next Crowded House or Squeeze. ‘Twice Removed’ is far and away their best album if you’re looking for well-crafted pop from them.

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    1. Navy Blues I would say is my fav of the Sloan catalog
      They got screwed over by Geffen but were able to buy the rights from Geffen of there music so they own everything

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      1. They would have been just another Grunge band…they did the right thing. I can’t believe he pull their support…that was like shooting your own foot. Their music is awesome.

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    2. And I don’t understand why they didn’t hit Dave.
      The change from their first album is something…of course I like the power pop better than the grunge. I’m glad they went that direction with their music.

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      1. Well, they did well in Canada, where they had a fanbase and radio regulations helped get them regular ariplay (Canadian content rules, by and large stations supposed to play 30% ‘Canadian”) . but in US, they didn’t have exposure and the US label – I guess Geffen – pretty much told them put out ‘Nevermind Meets Nova Scotia” or we’re not going to put anything into PR for you. Missing the idea that Sloan probably could have put out a straight out grunge record, but their hearts wouldn’t have been in it. They played what they were passionate about and probably could have found a market in the States with that.

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      2. I admire them for that. Next time I have a powerpop Friday I’m going to look at the Tragically Hip. I meant to do that back when I was doing it. I appreciate you turning me on to them.

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      3. I just looked back over sloan catalog – One Chord to Another was another album of theirs I had which was really good. I seem to recall when it came out the critics stopped comparing them to Nirvana but switched to comparing them to the Beatles, neither of which is ideal for a band trying to forge their own way.
        I mentioned to deke on his blog , I once saw Sloan, they opened up unexpectedly for Foo Fighters – weren’t on the bill but took the stage and played about half hour set.

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      4. That would have been a cool concert. I’m going to try to see them when the world returns to being the world again.

        I have to admire them…they went where their heart was and had success. The songs that I hear from them are really good.

        Now a question…I know Tragically Hip was huge there…Sloan wasn’t near that big right?


  2. Awesome stuff Max!
    Thanks for the shout out as well.
    Coax Me is a great track especially the line of
    ‘It’s not the band I hate,it’s there fans’
    What an impact line!

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    1. Yes and I can relate to that line. Some bands like that I feel the same way.
      I didn’t know which song to post…I like many of them. This one is really cool…I can tell they are Beatle fans as well.

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      1. Beatles and KISS, at some points as I find the Patrick Pentland tunes especially during his solo’s have that Frehley like vibe about em.


      1. I know there is footage from 2016 as well from Nashville so it’s a stop they always make. One of my readers Andrew from Portland caught em there as well and loved the show and he went just because he heard me babbling on and on about em!
        Peer Pressure lol

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      2. Well you got me also. It’s a good sign when it was hard picking one to post because I haven’t heard a bad song by them yet.
        I have to admire them they went with their heart. They could have just played grunge and got support but they did what was right.

        I will watch out for them in the future.

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    1. A couple of my Canadian friends shared info about them…I really like them.
      I can see the World Party factor.


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