Classic TV Episodes: Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever

I discovered Star Trek in the 1980s. It was one of those marathons that some station ran at the time. What impressed me was those wonderful stories. Some people gripe about the special effects…to me they were fine. They got the point across and that is what counts. William Shatner’s acting is a little different but hey…he is Captain Kirk. Leonard Nimoy was brilliant as the Vulcan Spock.

There are too many good episodes to pick from… the show only had one bad episode that I will not watch again…and that one is Spock’s Brain…Leonard Nimoy didn’t like that one either.

This episode has the beautiful Joan Collins and features time travel which is always a plus.

Capt. Kirk: You were actually enjoying my predicament back there. At times, you seem quite human.

Spock: Captain, I hardly believe that insults are within your prerogative as my commanding officer.

Notice the picture below…the Andy Griffith set was used…you see “Floyds Barber Shop”

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Star Trek: The City On The Edge Of Tomorrow

The characters: Spock, Captain Kirk, Edith Keeler, Dr. McCoy, Scottie, Sulu, Uhura, Rodent, Galloway, and The Guardian.

When an accident causes Dr. McCoy to go temporarily insane, he escapes to a strange planet. There, the search party discovers a device left by a superior, vanished civilization, a time portal that plays the history of Earth for them – but then Bones jumps through it into the past, causing a change in history important enough to make the Enterprise vanish. Kirk and Spock, who fortunately made a tricorder recording, must attempt to go through to just before McCoy’s arrival and stop him from changing history in the United States during the Great Depression, where they have no advanced technology available


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31 thoughts on “Classic TV Episodes: Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever”

  1. I have found people either love or despise Star Trek. Those who love it, often are fanatics. Like you, I found the stories to be entertaining, as well as often offering an powerful lesson. I think the original series is my favorite, but also enjoyed The Next Generation. I loved when they did time travel episodes, too. The special effects were pretty awesome for the time they were made!

    I’d have to really think about what my favorite episode is…a difficult task!

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    1. It was impossible picking one…Trouble with Tribbles comes to mind as well as others. You are right about the lessons…

      Ready for Christmas Keith? I’m looking forward to it.

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      1. Tribbles is a great episode! I also love The Deadly Years, where they all age real fast! I love that Lucille Ball was instrumental in getting that show on the air!

        I am about as ready as I can be, but no where near ready! So busy with birthing classes and work, that it is taking away the time I am supposed to be working on building the baby’s room. We were told at the ultra sound yesterday that the baby’s position suggests she may be here early … only adding to the stress! Fun fun!

        LOL – wow, that’s almost my entire next blog!

        How about you, Max? You ready??

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      2. Hey man all that excitement will keep you young Keith! What an exciting time you are going through. All of that plus Christmas would not be easy…

        We are doing great…we only have one so Christmas is pretty easy compared to what you are going through lol.


  2. Interesting premise. I never really watched it much, but I guess I’m one of the exceptions to nostalgicitalian’s rule, I don’t love nor hate it. Although I have met some people – Trekkies – who are a bit over the top with their uniforms and trying to “learn” Klingon! Seems like they had some good story lines though. My brother maybe watched it- I recall him having a model of TheEnterprise in his room when he was probably 12 or so

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    1. The writers were great science fiction writers. This show and the Twilight Zone have some great stories.
      Yea lol I won’t be learning Klingon…I have heard of some marrying dressed up as characters and having a room in their house like Star Trek… although…I would like to have Captain Kirks command chair! lol.

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      1. I love the control centers in both Star Trek and Star Wars…why do I like it? That 60s-70s futuristic look.

        I do have some green “Star Trek” chairs. Got them at an antique store for 150 each…Jennifer thought I was crazy… now though…they go for roughly 1200 a pair and I have 4. I didn’t know about the Star Trek connection until after I bought them. They are mid to late sixties.

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  3. The last time I saw this episode was some time ago. I never noticed it was shot on the same set as the Andy Griffith show. The way I feel about them tearing that backlot set down is the same way Charlton Heston felt in the last scene of The Planet of The Apes.

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  4. The classic episode from a ground-breaking TV show. Probably my fave episode of all the Trek’s. It would be another 25 years or so before any other TV sci-fi episode came close to matching it – the Next Gen appropriately enough.

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    1. I love time travel stories anyway…but when it is combined with those writers…you have something great. Star Trek and The Twilight Zone had some great writing to them.

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  5. I’ve got this still on a VHS tape, but haven’t seen it in years. One of my favourite episodes, but then I love Star Trek and I love time travel themes, so… yep.

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    1. Time Travel is my favorite tv or movie subject…it doesn’t hurt that Joan Collins was in this episode.
      I remember seeing her in a movie called Tales From The Crypt…I’ve liked her ever since.

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      1. I’m always on the lookout for DVDs of time travel TV shows and movies. I’ve never quite understood people who don’t like the genre!

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