The Move – Do Ya — Powerpop Friday

Jeff Lynne wrote this song and it was recorded by the Move. I know the version by ELO more but I really like this version and this band. Do Ya was the B side to California Man and it was the only song by the Move to chart in the US. The band was extremely successful in the Uk. The Move had 7 top 10 hits, 10 top 40 and a number 1 in the UK Charts.

The Move formed in 1965 and was very successful until Roy Wood (lead singer and songwriter), Jeff Lynne (who joined in 1969), and Bev Bevan formed ELO in 1972. Do Ya came out at the time that ELO was forming. ELO made a studio recording of it and it appeared on the 1976 album A New World Record. 

If you want to know about the Move…the below link is a good start.

A beginner’s guide to: The Move


Do Ya

In this life I’ve seen everything I can see woman
I’ve seen lovers flying through the air
Hand in hand
I’ve seen babies dancing in the midnight sun
And I’ve seen dreams that came from the heavenly skies above
I’ve seen old men crying at their own grave sides
And I’ve seen pigs all sitting watching
Picture slides
But I never seen nothin’ like you.
Do ya want my love
Do ya want my face
Do ya want my mind
Do ya want my love
Well I heard the crowd singin’ out of tune
As they sat and sang auld lang syne by the light
Of the moon
I heard the preacher bangin’ on the drums
And I heard the police playin’ with their guns
But I never heard nothing like you
In the country where the sky touches down
On the field she lay her down to rest
In the morning sun
They come a runnin’ just to get a look just to
Feel to touch her long black hair they don’t
Give a damn
Do ya want my love
Do ya want my face
Do ya want my mind
Do ya want my love
Well I think you know what I’m trying to say
That is I’d like to save you for a rainy day
I’ve seen enough of the world to know
That i’ve got to get it all to get it all to grow
Do ya want my love
Do ya want my face
Do ya want my mind
Do ya want my love

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

21 thoughts on “The Move – Do Ya — Powerpop Friday”

    1. I didn’t know it charted…I’m really liking their old stuff. I’ve listened to them a few times…really started more in the past week. Love Roy Woods voice on their songs like “Tonight.”

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      1. I never knew of the connections between ELO and The Move. All of them surprised me. Maybe I once knew Jeff Lynne was in it, but if so, I’d forgotten. On mention of The Move, I think of Blackberry Way and I Can Hear the Grass Grow. Way more psychedelic than ELO. But on Do Ya, the ELO voices really show themselves. They seem like a group who would have had more success in the US.

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      2. That is what got me…is their lack of success in the US. One of their managers was Don Arden…that might be a red flag. He was the manager of the Small Faces which never had success or toured in the US…he was as crooked as they come.


  1. Interesting. I’d known a bit about them and how this song pre-dated ELO but not heard it. Very similar obviously, i think I’d opt for the latter ELO one but both are pretty decent and similar. thanks for digging it out for us!

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