The Move – Tonight

The Move was a successful UK band in the sixties that morphed into ELO. Roy Wood is singing and you will see a young Jeff Lynne on guitar without his trademark aviators. They only charted one song in the US and that was Do Ya.

This song was written by Roy Wood originally for the vocal group The New Seekers. The Move released this song in 1971 and it peaked at #11 in the UK.

Their style ranged from pop to psychedelic, blues, progressive, and 1950s style rock ‘n’ roll. Roy Wood’s talent as an original songwriter helped propelled the band for UK success.

If you want to know about the Move…the below link is a good start.



That’s the road
It’s over there
And leading down to nowhere.
This is the age when you’re allowed
To have your own care
If you were half so bright
You’d plan your life ahead
Instead of waiting ’til you’re old in your bed.

I’ll be over tonight
If you say you might
I’ll be over tonight
Need to put you right.

I’m so used to waiting that’s entirely
Your decision don’t be restricted
By the weightless views you’re given
If you were half so bright you fight them
From the head
Instead of saving ’til your young heart is dead.
I’ll be over tonight

Well I know what you wrote in your overcoat
But don’t want to take it too far
Oh I think you won’t but I know that you don’t
You always say that you are
Never let the riches that my endless need will give you
Show some concern for all the love
That you must live through
If you were half so bright
You’d plan your life ahead
Instead of waiting ’til you’re old in your bed.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

14 thoughts on “The Move – Tonight”

    1. I think Wood was with them when ELO formed. They have some different type of music…it goes everywhere. I like this one because it’s so British.

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      1. I forgot why he didn’t stay. Jeff and him came up with the Idea I believe. Jeff’s writing was more accessible I believe.


  1. I really like The Move’s version of Do Ya. And yes, Wood was with ELO at first. The first album is fantastic, and ultimately he was included when they were inducted into the Rock Hall a few years ago. I thought it was a really cool moment.

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    1. I am checking more of Wood’s music out. His writing was all over the place…I mean that in the best way and I love his voice.


  2. This is an effin good song. Great find, Max. Reminds me of ELO of course, but it also has a distinct David Bowie flavor. I love that off-key bit in there. Also the first time I’ve seen a musician with an acoustic in his arms and a steel on his lap.

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  3. There are definitely hints of Jeff Lynne and the ELO sound in there. It’s a fun song. I hear it every so often on UK radio, but I don’t recall if I ever heard it on US radio back then. It should have been played here, if it wasn’t.

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