David and David – Ain’t So Easy

The album Boomtown peaked at #39 in 1986 and it contained three radio hits.  Welcome to the Boomtown,  Swallowed by the Cracks and this song was released in 1986.

This song peaked at #51 on the Billboard 100 in 1986.

The two Davids were David Baerwald and David Ricketts. They broke up after their only studio album which really disappointed me because I was really looking forward to their next album. As I’ve said before there is hope…in 2016 it was reported that they are working on their second album…I have checked since then and have found nothing.

Ain’t So Easy

We can stay
Or we can move along
Either way don’t leave me all alone
I’m sorry about your eye

I’ll find a way to make amends
It’s only that sometimes
I’ve got to break
Before I bend

Come on, darling
There’s a show downtown tonight
Let’s go out dancing
We can drink until the light

I know I’ve haven’t been everything
A man should be
But I promise I will change
You just leave that up to me

And I’ll kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I can make you happy
And you’ll rub my back, forget the past
And baby, I know that that ain’t so easy

It ain’t too late
To salvage all of this
It ain’t too late we could
Fix it with a kiss

All I want this one more chance
So that we could have a home
‘Cause I would not stand a change
If I had to make it on my own

Oh, let me kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I could make you happy
And you’ll rub my back, forget the past
And baby I know that that ain’t so easy

Maybe someday
You will remember what I said to you today
Maybe someday
And where would you go anyway

Put that suitcase down
Leave it for another day
Stop this fooling around
I could never let you get away

Let me kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I can make you happy
And you’ll rub my back, forget the past
And baby, I know that that ain’t so easy, please


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

8 thoughts on “David and David – Ain’t So Easy”

  1. Love that album I wish those guys would have continued…… off topic if you were the Dodgers do you trade Lux for Vazquez? That sure would improve their post season chances and they would have Vazquez at a rather affordable price for a few years to come. If I am the Pirates I make the deal- what do they need a closer for? They can’t even get in a position to use a closer this month.

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    1. Yes because this is the year…this is the best team they have had. Vazquez is filthy looking at his numbers. I’ve heard Lux and or Ruiz the number one catcher. All they are lacking is a shutdown arm…I would do it in a heartbeat with either one.

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      1. The Dodgers are loaded with talent- i think the trade makes sense for both teams. As a Pirate fan I hope it gets done. Their minor league system at this point is very thin in talent. And prospects are just that- from a Dodger standpoint. It has been proven of late you have a deep bullpen in the playoffs your chances increase.

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      2. I think it does help both teams. I know the front office is fretting about Lux being involved…I think they want to give them their number 1 catcher instead…Ruiz but they need to get something done.

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      3. I think the key to this deal happening- if Vasquez was a two month rental i’d say questionable giving up a top prospect- but they would have him for a few years. He’s one of the best- not a maybe someday..

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      4. Oh I agree. What makes me upset is they value prospects so much which I get BUT… if you value them so much fine…spend on free agents more…you lose the one thing they have plenty of…money…they don’t do that anymore as much. They have enough depth to sustain a hit for the prospect.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Teams like Milwaukee- a small market team have rolled the dice on deals in the past- i can understand a small market team being cautious with trading prospects- but the Dodgers are a huge market team. Plus Lux is a shortstop- they have a still young Seager.


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