Top 10 Favorite TV Themes 6-10

Some TV Themes can be annoying but many can be very catchy. I’m listing my top 10 on two posts. There are so many that narrowing it to ten was almost impossible. I’ve stuck with older ones for the post. I left out cartoons…

10. WKRP – One of my favorite shows of the late 70s…not only did I like the theme song but the closing song.

And the closing

9. Barney Miller – Every bass player learns this one.

8. Rockford Files – The theme song made me want to watch the show.

7. Gilligans Island – I know every word and may have heard this theme more than Stairway to Heaven…and that is saying alot.

6. Hawaii Five-O – One of the ultimate themes… love the tidal wave.



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite TV Themes 6-10”

  1. All those are good ones- my favorite in that bunch as far as a program and tv theme- The Rockford Files… Jim Rockford the coolest character in television history– and I have heard nothing but great things about Jim Garner.

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  2. I just knew you were going to go after the WKRP closing song. LOL!

    I love that red TV/Clock. I remember those.

    Loved all of these themes. I had forgotten the Barney Miller one.

    And, I just saw a shot of Lindsay Wagner on the Rockford piece.

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    1. Oh my cousin has one of those tv’s and he emailed me the other day and said I could have it…he didn’t know if it works but he said I could have it! It’s identical to that. I can’t wait.
      Love Lindsay Wagner…of course it a prerequisite of any guy to.

      I included the WKRP closing theme because you mentioned it was gibberish.


      1. I could just stare at it and be happy…it puts a smile on my face. I love the 60s-70s designs…the mod spage age stuff.


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