If you could have dinner with 9 people dead or still living…who would they be?

My list is pretty shallow sounding vs what some people would say… like Lincoln, Washington… Nope…no politicians, generals, or leaders…

1: John Lennon – He could be a walking contradiction but so were a lot of British rock stars but he was very intelligent and a superb songwriter. He loved to shock at times but could be very warm, generous and very honest. After he was killed his legend made him out to be some saint…he would have been the first to say he was not one….he didn’t suffer fools well.

2: Babe Ruth – What a guy… To me the best all-around player…Not only was he one of the best power hitters he was also a great left-handed pitcher…I would love to talk to him…get some dogs and beer and enjoy my time with the Babe. Yes, others have broken some of his records…but do they have 94 wins? On top of everything else… he had a huge personality.

3: Harpo Marx – The Marx brother that is my favorite. Yes Groucho is better known but Harpo was one of the most decent guys you could ever be around…he also hung out with the Algonquin round table crowd in the 1920s with writers Alexander Woolcott, brilliant playwright George Kaufman and many more. Harpo came from a very poor family at the turn of the century and he came to know some of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century.

4: Buster Keaton – Probably one of the best filmmakers of the 20th century. He gets overshadowed by Charlie Chaplin. Buster didn’t fake his gags…he didn’t cut away from shots…what you saw on film is what he did. He was a brilliant filmmaker.

5: Charlie Chaplin – Charlie and Babe Ruth were two of the best known celebrities of the 1920s. Charlie’s character The Tramp is still one of the most recognizable characters in history.

6: Jackie Robinson – Yes he was a Dodger and I’m a Dodger fan…but it’s more than that. He had to take so much abuse that probably contributed to his early death. He was a pioneer and should have been just another player if not for stupidity.

7: Keith Moon – I would prepare myself and sleep for as long as possible the day before and then try to keep up with him for as long as possible.

8: Clara Bow – My favorite actress hands down. The original and the only IT girl and could say more with her actions than anyone else with words…she lit up the screen.

9: Keith Richards – The only living member of my wishlist (though some would argue that fact) Keith is just cool period. If I had to describe rock and roll to an alien… I would hand them a copy of Brown Sugar and a picture of a 1972 Keith Richards… I love that he has survived…God Bless you, Keith.



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “If you could have dinner with 9 people dead or still living…who would they be?”

    1. He is one guy I would love to have a beer with…I play some but forget about playing guitar with him…just to hang out for a day would be awesome.

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  1. Subs: Ray Davies for Lennon;Welles for Chaplin;Jim Brown for Robinson;Louise Brooks for Bow; Hendrix for Richards (there are plenty of stories for Keith and Mick just being Dicks)

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    1. Not bad…I do like Louise Brooks also. I read a Clara Bow book in the 90s and from that book I learned about Keaton, Chaplin etc…then I was fanatical about silent movies for a long time… I still like them.
      Orson Welles was so naturally gifted.


  2. Andy Kaufman (The Great Pretender)
    Josephine Baker (One of the most fascinating American expatriates)
    Martin Luther King Jr. (I’ve come to greatly admire him in recent years)
    Alan Moore (Expanded the parameters of what a comic book could be)
    Hedy Lamarr (A glamour queen who was also something of a scientist)
    Lee Oswald (Thanks to Judyth Vary Baker, I don’t believe he assassinated JFK)
    Nastassja Kinski (My favorite actress of the Eighties)
    Charlie Kaufman (Intriguing screenwriter, and no relation to Andy)
    Anton Barbeau (My favorite musician from my hometown of Sacramento)

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