You traveled into a worm hole through space and time and all you brought back was Keith Moon?

I awoke from a dream. I dreamed I was at an opening of some club and I was in the parking lot and here comes Keith Moon. He was laughing madly and asked me if I was enjoying myself…I was amazed and happy…. Someone in the background of this dream asked the above long question that is the title. I didn’t answer but if I did it would have been a resounding YES…who else? If I could have met any rock star…I would have picked Keith Moon. He was the ultimate definition of a rock star. Some people would pick Jimmy Page or Robert Plant…but to me Led Zeppelin always had a dark cloud around them. They were not the most inviting band. The Who on the other hand seemed open and at least trying to connect with the audience. The concert footage I have of them with Moon they would act silly between songs and be human and light…until they played…when they played in their prime…no one could touch them live. Plus musically I just liked them much better…I brought Zeppelin up because they  covered some of the same ground at the same time as the Who. I don’t care if I hear Stairway anymore in my life…but when Won’t Get Fooled Again comes on….I still turn it up. But this is about Keith Moon and me dragging him to the current age. He would not have survived now because he had fun and lots of it. Excess yes and too much. He was arguably the best drummer in rock ever….he usually comes in 1st or 2nd in polls to John Bonham. He had an ability and a rare ability….it doesn’t seem he could be embarrassed. I use to really want that trait…but it was his undoing also. With all of his mad escapades it has been said by many that he never wanted to hurt anyone. He once got a hotel clerk fired by stealing chicken from the kitchen…the next day he got the mans job back. The only person he ended up hurting was himself. He wrecked plenty of hotel rooms but he did it with style…one time nailing the furniture to the ceiling at the same location it had been on the floor.

I feel guilty sometimes enjoying reading about Keith…yes he had drinking problems and some mental problems that went undetected in the seventies. You will see these old jaded rock stars start smiling when talking about him now. A smile that says that they don’t have the time or the memory to tell you all the stories. He had energy to burn and finally did just that…burn out. He wore people out that tried to hang with him.

Keith’s stories have entertained generations after his lifetime….he paid the price. He was trying to clean up before he died and died on an overdose of a drug to wean him off of alcohol.

Check youtube out for Keith Moon and you will find some great videos….If you want a quick read find a copy of Full Moon I had a copy when I was 13 and I wish I would have kept it when I saw the price…you can get the audio version pretty cheap. If you really want to know about Keith get this one.  Better price and it covers his entire career. Yes I would bring him back just to see the reaction of today’s PC world. Their heads would explode. He would give this boring corporate world a hot foot….which it needs desperately. If only I could Keith….you would be here but I would rather go back to your world when the rules were broken and you could have a bit more fun. To this day I’ve never seen nor heard a drummer that could match him.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “You traveled into a worm hole through space and time and all you brought back was Keith Moon?”

  1. Just look at the album cover from “Who are You”. This album was made at the height of Keith’s antics and addiction–the band wanted desperately to fire him, especially Pete Townsend. But Moon’s lawyers were throwing up roadblock after roadblock–and then there was Keith himself, of course, to contend with. Look at the chair Keith is sitting in: Not To Be Taken Away. Ha! That-a-boy!
    Wonderful post. My all time favorite Rock drummer. (The great Jazz drummers–Buddy Rich, Chick Webb, Gene Kruppa, Jo Jones–just to name a few, are my favorite.) Moon definitely had the talent to be a Jazz drummer. If you haven’t seen the movie “Whiplash” I highly recommend it. It’s about a drummer and his sadistic music professor.

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    1. My son (Bailey) made me watch Whiplash…I really enjoyed it. It is a great movie…love the ending….
      I’m doing something on the Who this weekend…they are my favorite band besides the Beatles.
      Keith Moon is just so interesting. He was out there but he was great to fans… I loved his drumming…. That was a weird but wonderful dream. I had just read “Dear Boy” the wonderful book on Keith Moon for the second or third time…
      Yes his idol was Kruppa.

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    1. It was just so odd to hear that and remember that. It was someone in the crowd. I never have dreams like that…just odd but it was vivid. I have read a bio on Moon around 3 times and I guess it was in my mind.

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      1. you never know… i admit i had listened to Townes music earlier in the week, but i am listening to lots of different music all of the time and don’t dream about the musicians

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      2. Dreams are so interesting to study. The only other time was a short one and I was in the studio with the Beatles and by the way they looked it was the White Album…around that time. I woke up that was it…I just remember feeling that it was so cool…nothing else. No interaction. I was mad that I woke up

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