Best Sitcoms of the 1970’s

The 70’s were the golden age of sitcoms. I am a sitcom connoisseur…these were my favorite in no particular order.

Barney Miller – The writing for this show was great. The setup was great in getting character actors in this show week after week because you would have a shop lifter, a flasher, a robber… usually no criminal too bad.

Mary Tyler Moore – Ground breaking show with great writing. The greatest sitcoms had a great ensemble of actors and actresses. This one seemed so natural that it seemed that you knew these people in real life.

Taxi – This one did not receive the praise that it should have at the time it was on. Reverend Jim is one of the great characters of television.

WKRP – This show rocked…literally…Some great music and a great cast.

All In The Family – Very topical and it probably would be harder to follow for younger people now but they would get the points. This is probably the most un PC show of the 70s. That makes me like it all the more. It exposed bigotry but also had a caring side to the show. The family fought but they were a close family.

The Bob Newhart Show – Bob’s dry sense of humor and the relationship with his wife Suzanne Pleshette seemed legit. The cast of quirky characters drove Bob crazy which showcased Newharts comedy.  This show should not be confused with the 1980s Newhart…this is the one where Bob is a psychologist…some people get them mixed up but this one is the best in my opinion….nothing against Newhart at all. Newhart had the same theme but to me this one has the best writing and more believable characters.

Good Times – The first sitcom that featured an all black cast. When I was growing up my mother and father had divorced. I was a latch key kid living with my mom and she worked three jobs and I didn’t get to see my father much. I was a white kid living in the country but John Amos’s character was a great father figure. He could go from happy to angry in 5 seconds. I know some people had a problem with Jimmie Walker’s character but I knew people like him even in a rural country school. When John Amos left…the show was never the same.

The Bob Newhart Show’s kitchen…Love that kitchen

bn kitchen.jpg



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10 thoughts on “Best Sitcoms of the 1970’s”

  1. Yep, pretty much agree with you totally. I went from very young to a young teen in the ’70s so my memory might be a bit cloudy, especially early in decade. But ‘All In The Family’ was amazing and ground-breaking, Archie was one of the best characters ever created because he was so real- flawed but decent in his core and trying to cope with a world leaving him behind. I saw recently they’re looking at bringing it back soon, with new cast of course, which is easy to imagine in this era. I LUVVED ‘WKRP”, thought Johnny was one of the funniest characters ever… and I was old enough to have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Bailey! (Big guys debate, isn’t it– Bailey vs Jennifer!). I liked ‘Taxi’ a lot as well

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    1. You just touched on something close to my heart! I was in love with Bailey on the show. My vote went to her over Loni!
      I also at 11 years old had a crush on “Elaine” from Taxi.
      They did briefly have a spinoff of All In The Family in the 90s but it didn’t last. They flipped it around. John Amos as a black Democrat and his son a conservative and they moved into the Bunkers old house…it was called 704 Hauser… I liked it but apparently, no one else did.


  2. Great list. All the shows on it are real gems of the period. Only ones missing for me are Sanford and Son and The Jeffersons. Those two are also just some of the funniest shows ever and the ensemble casts are legendary.

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    1. Oh yes…I could have easily added them. I can’t believe I didn’t add Sandford and Son…and I love the Jeffersons also. I should have done a top 20.


  3. I do have to correct you on Good Times, though. Actually Sanford and Son was the first sitcom with an all black cast since Amos and Andy and was actually the most successful black sitcoms at the time and even now because it crossed over so well with every race.


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