Lone Justice – I Found Love

This is a band I had a lot of hope for in the eighties. After Ways To Be Wicked I thought they would be more successful than they ended up being. This song didn’t chart in the US but did make it to #45 in the UK.

It was off of their second album Shelter released in 1986. The album peaked at #62 in the Billboard Album Charts. They started off as a country-rock band in the early eighties. At the urging of Linda Ronstadt, who was impressed by their live shows, they were awarded a contract with Geffen Records…their self-titled debut appeared in 1985, followed by a tour in support of U2. Still, despite good press and media hype, Lone Justice failed to sell…produced by Jimmy Iovine, it failed to connect with either country or rock audiences.


I Found Love

I was minding my business like a good girl should
Maybe a little too cautious for my own good
It was just like living life in the dark
Til something jumped up and it grabbed my heart

I found love
I found real love

The beginning and end of every wish
Is balanced in the center of a vision like this
Maybe my emotions are inclined
To surrender to the notion of a glorious end

I found love
I found real love

One touch souls speak
The power’s got me and it won’t let me be
It’s too much this heat
I want to laugh cry jump for joy scream and shout
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

At the end of every tunnel there’s a shining light
At the end of every storm there’s a quiet night
My joy was hidden in a big old dream
I didn’t know it was there until you set me free

I found love
I found real love