Lone Justice – I Found Love

This is a band I had a lot of hope for in the eighties. After Ways To Be Wicked I thought they would be more successful than they ended up being. This song didn’t chart in the US but did make it to #45 in the UK.

It was off of their second album Shelter released in 1986. The album peaked at #62 in the Billboard Album Charts. They started off as a country-rock band in the early eighties. At the urging of Linda Ronstadt, who was impressed by their live shows, they were awarded a contract with Geffen Records…their self-titled debut appeared in 1985, followed by a tour in support of U2. Still, despite good press and media hype, Lone Justice failed to sell…produced by Jimmy Iovine, it failed to connect with either country or rock audiences.


I Found Love

I was minding my business like a good girl should
Maybe a little too cautious for my own good
It was just like living life in the dark
Til something jumped up and it grabbed my heart

I found love
I found real love

The beginning and end of every wish
Is balanced in the center of a vision like this
Maybe my emotions are inclined
To surrender to the notion of a glorious end

I found love
I found real love

One touch souls speak
The power’s got me and it won’t let me be
It’s too much this heat
I want to laugh cry jump for joy scream and shout
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

At the end of every tunnel there’s a shining light
At the end of every storm there’s a quiet night
My joy was hidden in a big old dream
I didn’t know it was there until you set me free

I found love
I found real love


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

14 thoughts on “Lone Justice – I Found Love”

    1. She did leave them not too long afterward. Their best song to me was a Tom Petty written song Ways to be Wicked. Great riff.


  1. I like the vibe of the band. I like the singer. I agree with Jeremy that it doesn’t mesh as well as it needs to, but I think there was a lot of tweeking that could have been done to get a more congruent sound. It seems this band never got the label attention that matched their potential. Sad.

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    1. After hearing Ways to be Wicked I thought they were going to be successful. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part because I liked Maria McKee’s voice.

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      1. I wonder if they were coming up now where’s it’s easier in some ways to get your music heard via all the online methods if they would have more success relatively speaking. Hadn’t seen this video – a lot of energy

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      2. You know they probably would have. I don’t know if they would have been well known because of the media these days…but more success? Yes…they got the short end of the stick. She was a great front person and they had some catchy songs…I’m not big on image but she had the goods in that department…I hate saying it like that because she has a great voice but you get what I’m saying…
        Janis Joplin would not stand a chance today because of her looks. I never thought she looked bad but not what record companies want. ….sorry for the novel!

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      3. No agree – I’m checking out some of their old videos and she had the voice the looks and the backing of some big names. Just real shame. I just came across a video interview where she talks about the demise of band. Should be interesting. After her one solo album I lost track of her. Will have to see what else she did

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  2. Like you, I remember there being a fair bit of hype about them back then and thought they’d be big, but didn’t happen. They were good opening for U2, can’t remember any specific songs they did but they were energetic and good and I wasn’t thinking “Get off the stage already” like I do with some lesser-known opening acts.

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  3. I remember Rolling Stone magazine was always touting her and Lone Justice, but they got zero airplay in my area. I don’t once remember hearing them on the radio. Her voice and presence is very ‘Janis’, but I agree with the others who say the band and production is all wrong for her.


  4. I bought a Maria McKee cassette in the early 90s (You Gotta Sin To Get Saved) after seeing one of her videos on Much Music. The whole album is solid and her cover of Van Morrison’s “The Way Young Lover’s Do” is pretty damn good. What a talent. Thanks for posting – you brought back some sweet memories.

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    1. She really is a talent. I was surprised she didn’t get over more to the masses than she did. I really liked Lone Justice and thought they would be big in the 80s…Thank you for reading.

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