Beatles Week…Coming Friday March 10, 2023

On Friday, March 10, 2023, my blog will be blessed…it will be guest hosted by many of you wonderful bloggers out there. I asked some bloggers to write about their favorite Beatles song or somewhere along those lines. In the next week or so that is what we will have.

I truly appreciate all of them writing on this subject. I admire all of them for their writing abilities and having fantastic sites. I’m calling it Beatles Week but in truth, it WILL go longer than a week. If it does so be it…I’m not going to rename it to Beatles 8 or more days… I think “week” has a certain ring to it.

We will have one post a day BUT…I will still have my Star Trek posts to work in on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now…if any of you reading this would want to write about a favorite Beatle song…just tell me and I’ll get you in…although I’ll need to know by Friday. I so appreciate all of my readers and it’s been a joy working with all of these different bloggers. We do have a great community here on WordPress.




Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

38 thoughts on “Beatles Week…Coming Friday March 10, 2023”

    1. I think I can speak for Dave…we appreciate you all doing this for us! I think it will be fun…I was looking forward to yours a lot because it would be like me writing on Iron Maiden…which yes I would do if you ever did this!

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  1. Yeah absolutely Max, I do indeed appreciate all of you who regularly come up with some great columns for my blog. I know some time and work goes into it and I am grateful you guys are willing to and find it really adds some added variety and flavor to the blog. I’m always excitedly curious to see what you (all of you, generally 7 guests I have) will come up with for the topic and I’m equally so to see what everyone does with this topic for Max.

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    1. I’m thrilled people would take the time to do this for us. It’s been a lot of fun…I always look forward to what people come up with.

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      1. Awesome because I just had one person to drop out! That is perfect… you can do it both ways… my address is max.gower just put them together…

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  2. Um, 8 days IS a Beatles week, according to the song. :p I’m looking forward to the Beatles posts. Someone please choose Piggies to write about. I can’t be the only person to consider it one of their masterpieces.

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    1. Hey…you are totally invited! No one has picked that one. So far I think the count is up to 11… I was surprised…no one said no.


      1. Awesome! Bailey is enjoying his… I don’t have to have it now…I have until next Friday filled up…so some other people haven’t turned them in yet either.

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