Twilight Zone – Queen of the Nile

★★★1/2  March 6, 1964  Season 5 Episode 23

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The show begins with a reporter coming to the home of a pretty film star that looks amazing for her age. At first, the show seems friendly and innocent and then starts getting dark. It’s a good episode but not spectacular and has twists and turns that will keep viewers interested.

Ann Blyth plays ageless film star Pamela Morris, who is adored and envied by her fans, she has a mysterious past that a syndicated journalist Jordan Herrick (played by Lee Philips) hopes to uncover. This episode was very reminiscent of  “Long Live Walter Jameson” from season 1 except Miss Morris will go to any length to keep her youth. Charles Beaumont wrote that one… and he was credited with Queen of the Nile but it was ghostwritten by Jerry Sohl. Beaumont’s health was in bad shape at the time.

This one is has a blend of drama, science fiction, and mystery.  How does she stay young? How old is she really? The universe has rules and Miss Morris is breaking the biggest one.

From IMDB Trivia: When Jordan is on the phone with his Chicago-based editor Krueger, Krueger states that Constance Taylor had been “reigning beauty in the days of the Florodora Girls.” This is a reference to the chorus girls of the play “Florodora,” a popular musical comedy that opened on Broadway in 1900 and ran for over 550 performances. Much of the show’s success was attributed to the beauty of its sextet of chorines, whom the public dubbed “The Florodora Girls.”

Pamela Morris claimed to have been born in 1925.

This show was written by Charles Beaumont, Rod Serling, and Jerry Sohl (uncredited)

Rod Serling’s Opening Narration: 

Jordan Herrick, syndicated columnist, whose work appears in more than a hundred newspapers. By nature a cynic, a disbeliever, caught for the moment by a lovely vision. He knows the vision he’s seen is no dream; she is Pamela Morris, renowned movie star, whose name is a household word and whose face is known to millions. What Mr. Herrick does not know is that he has also just looked into the face—of the Twilight Zone.


A syndicated columnist, Jordan Herrick, gets an interview with the famous and beautiful actress Pamela Morris. She claims to be 38 years old but according to Jordan’s information, that would have made her first film as an adult when she was only 10. He takes her word for it but her elderly mother, Viola Draper, has news for him: she’s not Pamela’s mother, she is her daughter. The more he looks into her background, the more convinced he becomes that Pamela hasn’t aged for decades. Faced with the facts, Pamela shows the lengths she will go to in order to protect her great secret.

Rod Serling’s Closing Narration:

Everyone knows Pamela Morris, the beautiful and eternally young movie star. Or does she have another name, even more famous, an Egyptian name from centuries past? It’s best not to be too curious, lest you wind up like Jordan Herrick, a pile of dust and old clothing discarded in the endless eternity of the Twilight Zone.


Rod Serling … Narrator / Self – Host (uncredited)
Ann Blyth…Pamela Morris/Constance Taylor
Lee Philips…Jordan Herrick
Celia Lovsky…Viola Draper
Ruth Phillips…Charlotte
Frank Ferguson…Krueger
James Tyler…Mr. Jackson


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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12 thoughts on “Twilight Zone – Queen of the Nile”

  1. I saw that one about a year ago, now sure how I ended up seeing that one out of so many I’d not seen. Anyway, it was pretty good and had a couple of big surprises in it to me. Not the best but in the upper tier of episodes I think.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was good… I liked the study of eternal youth better in Long Live Walter Jameson…but this was an evil look at it.


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