Foghat – Fool For The City

It’s time once again for some big 1970’s boogie arena rock to start your day. Appropriately named…this rock filled up arenas around the world. The sound was fat and loud and it fit the times perfectly.

“Fool For The City” is the title track from the album of the same name released by Foghat in 1975. It was written by the band’s frontman Dave Peverett, who also wrote their hit “Slow Ride.”

Foghat was a talented band. Dave Peverett was a good singer, guitar player, and songwriter. Other Foghat alumni who made their mark elsewhere in music include replacement lead vocalist Charlie Huhn, who was also in Humble Pie and in Ted Nugent’s band before that. Also, Foghat guitarist Bryan Bassett is better known as the lead strings on “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry.

The song was more of a FM hit but it peaked at #45 in the Billboard 100 in 1976. The album peaked at #23 in the Billboard Album Charts.

I always liked this album cover

Foghat - Fool For The City - Music

That is Foghat’s drummer Roger Earl on a soapbox fishing in a man hole cover in New York on East 11th Street.

From Songfacts

Foghat formed in London, and as this song makes clear, they’ll take city life over Green Acres country any day. While there are plenty of songs about specific cities (especially New York), this song can relate to any city. The band did a great deal of touring after they formed in 1971, so it makes sense that they would come up with a tune about their travels.

This song is a great example of the “boogie rock” genre. Boogie rock came out of blues-rock and tends to feature a repetitive, driving rhythm, and a laid-back attitude with no sign of being pretentious. In the US, think ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. In the UK, the vanguards of boogie rock were Status Quo, Humble Pie, Savoy Brown, and Foghat. The Doobie Brothers might get a nod here as well; Foghat started out in the UK but transplanted to the US, and the Doobie’s “China Grove” had come out only two years before. Boogie rock and mid-1970s’ pot culture also went along extremely well together, which certainly didn’t hurt its popularity any.

Surprisingly, this song is rarely used in commercials, TV shows or movies. The only use we know of is the 2013 movie Nebraska.

Fool For The City

Going to the city, got you on my mind,
Country sure is pretty, I’ll leave it all behind,
This is my decision, I’m coming home to stay this time

‘Cause I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city,
Fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city

Breathing all the clean air, sitting in the sun,
When I get my train fare, I’ll get up and run
I’m ready for the city, air pollution here I come

‘Cause I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city,
I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city

I ain’t no country boy, I’m just a homesick man
I’m gonna hit the grit just as fast as I can

I’ll get off on Main Street, step into the crowd,
Sidewalk under my feet, yeah, traffic’s good and loud
When I see my inner city child, I’ll be walkin’ on a cloud

‘Cause I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city,
I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city
I’m a fool, (Fool for the city)
A crazy fool, (Fool for the city)
I’m a fool, (Fool for the city)
A fool for the city, (Fool for the city)
(Fool for the city) (Fool for the city)
I ain’t no country boy, woo! (Fool for the city)
(Fool for the city)


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

28 thoughts on “Foghat – Fool For The City”

  1. Vaguely know this one, a good song for what it is , straight ahead “boogie rock” as you call it. Glad you explained the album cover, I couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to be doing!

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  2. Great tune! That being said, in addition to “Fool for the City”, I think I only know two other Foghat tunes by name: “Slow Ride” and “I Just Wanna Make Love to You,” which are both great as well. I guess I should further check out the group someday!

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    1. They came from a band called Savoy Brown. A big band in the UK.
      I love Foghat’s name…I always thought that was a cool name for a band.

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