Rascals – I’ve Been Lonely Too Long

What a great band! I could almost leave it at that and post the song. They were technically the Young Rascals when this song came out of AM radios in the sixties. They were never really an album band but more of a super singles band. The dropped the “young” in 1968 and continued having hits.

The Rascals rose to prominence playing rhythm and blues and soul music. Their 1966 cover of the Rudy Clark and Artie Resnick song…Good Lovin went to the top of the Billboard Pop Singles chart. They had the majority of their hits between 1966-1968.

They had nine top 20 hits and thirteen top 40 hits…they also had three number 1 hits and a total of 18 songs in the Billboard 100 before they disbanded in 1972. This song was written by Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati.

This song was known as I’ve Been Lonely Too Long and Lonely Too Long…it peaked at #16 in the Billboard 100 and #7 in Canada. It was released on January 16, 1967.

They went on to have more hits with “Groovin,” “People Got to Be Free,” “How Can I Be Sure?” and “A Beautiful Morning” before disbanding in 1972.

I’ve Been Lonely Too Long

I’ve been lonely too long, I’ve been lonely too long
In the past it’s come and gone, I feel like I can’t go on without love
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely too long)
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely)

As I look back
I can see me lost and searching
Now I find that I can choose, I’m free, oh yeah
So funny I just have to laugh
All my troubles been torn in half
I been lonely too long (he’s been lonely too long)
Lonely too long (he’s been lonely)

In the past it’s come and gone
I feel like I can’t go on without love
(Lonely) lonely too long
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely)

Just see me now
Makes it worth the time I’ve waited
She was all I need to make me see, oh yeah
I keep hopin’ with all my mind
Everything gonna turn out right
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely too long)
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely)

Now look at me
Gliding through this world of beauty
Everything I do brings ecstasy, oh yeah
No wonder I could die
I feel like I’m ’bout ten miles high
I’ve been lonely too long (he’s been lonely too long)
Lonely too long (he’s been lonely)

Found myself somebody (he’s been lonely)
Don’t have to be alone no more (he’s been lonely, he’s been lonely)
Don’t have to alone no more, no more (he’s been lonely, he’s been lonely)


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

41 thoughts on “Rascals – I’ve Been Lonely Too Long”

  1. Love the groove on this one Max. You may know this but Little Steven has been a big booster of the Rascals I think single handily convincing them to get back together. Sadly though I think personality clashes between members have broken them up again. Danelli and Cavaliere played on LS Men without Women

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    1. I knew that he really liked them and I believe inducted them in the Hall of Fame… I didn’t know he got them back together… I can hear in his music that they influenced him a lot!

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  2. Great pick, Max, so much soul feeling in their singing – love it!

    I can hear a dose of Motown vibe, especially if you imagine a horn section! That being said, the tune is perfect as is! The beautiful bass line could be by Jamie Jamerson.

    I only know a handful of songs by The Rascals. “Lonely Too Long” definitely makes me feel like listening to more of their music!


    1. I like them a lot. One of the reasons I picked this one was because I already have done most of the others lol… They do sound different on different singles.

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      1. I have put in around 12 hours this weekend and around 3 coming tomorrow…it’s all good…I’m learning about Azure in Microsoft…and that is fun…As IT Director I inherited 12 servers running 2003 server…so I’m pushing them into the future….I didn’t do it quick enough on the email server!

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      2. If I had it to do all over again….I would be a sheep herder lol. No, I like it but in emergencies like this…it’s not fun.

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      3. lol…I know…owners don’t know what we do either. They think techs, programmers, developers, and network guys all can do each other’s jobs. It is a confusing field. I told the owner one day after he wanted something crazy done by me… Would you go to a heart doctor for a problem with your feet? He is beginning to get it.

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      4. Oh, HELL, no! I’ve done punch cards, computer programming (BASIC, COBOL, RPG, Assembler), database management (Access, SQL, Oracle) and web programming. I couldn’t build a computer if my life depended on it, though I did take one class at the local Community College in the late 80s to build mother boards (for a possible job…I knew how to solder, anyway). I know just enough Networking to be dangerous. Systems Admin.? Oh, dear god… C, C++, Java, Python, PHP? Never got that far. Do you remember all the tests for MCSE? GEEZUS…

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      5. Yes I remember all of those tests that were going to be important…and they were NOT. Everyone went out and got them and got nothing. I did a couple on XP and Windows 2003…ironic that all of these years later…those are the servers I still have!


    1. I can’t figure out why they aren’t known more. They were not an album band…that is the only thing I can think of .


      1. On the other hand, in the ’60’s you didn’t necessarily need to be an album band. There were a lot of bands (Classics IV, The Box Tops etc.) that did well just selling singles. The ’70’s were more the time for album bands…

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      2. No in the sixties you didn’t…but do you think it helped later on as far as remembering them? I could be wrong.


      3. That’s where the CD’s and streaming services come in. Virtually everything they (and every other band, for that matter) have recorded can be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube and is available for purchase. A lot of people (like me) go out and get the Greatest Hits packages, which will normally have all the hit singles on them. It’s like, if you remember them, you can find their music…

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      4. Yea Greatest hits packages is what I got by some. Yea now…albums don’t matter any more to new artists.


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