Blind Faith – Presence of the Lord

This is a song that I put some headphones on…get in my recliner and turn it up to 11…hearing loss be damned…and I get lost in the swirling organ and drift away to the sixties. The song is thick and powerful…who needs drugs when you listen to this loud.

Eric Clapton wrote this song, which is a testimony of faith. It’s the first song for which he wrote all the lyrics.

Clapton called this a “song of gratitude.” It was one of his first songs to explore spirituality, which he did on some of his solo tracks in the ’70s. He said the message of this song was to “say ‘thank you’ to God, or whatever you choose to call Him, for whatever happens.”

Their one and only album, the self titled Blind Faith album, peaked at #1 in the Billboard Album Charts, Canada, and the UK in 1969. They toured one time for the album and then soon broke up.

From Songfacts

Steve Winwood sang lead, as he did with all of the Blind Faith songs. Even though it’s a very personal song, Clapton made sure he wouldn’t be the lead vocalist by writing it in a higher key than he could sing. He thought Winwood was a much better singer (most would agree), and wanted him on this track.

The song is about how Clapton was becoming more comfortable with his life. He had just left Cream at the peak of its popularity, and was looking forward to playing with Blind Faith. He wasn’t too comfortable though: Clapton was fighting drug addiction and falling in love with George Harrison’s wife, whom he would later marry.

Blind Faith released just one album, and didn’t issue any singles. The album was very successful, going to #1 in both the US and UK, but the band broke up after one difficult tour.

The album cover was a photo of a young girl with no clothes on holding a model spaceship. According to photographer Bob Seidemann, who shot the cover, he had the idea but did not have someone to pose. While riding the London subway, he saw a young girl who would be perfect and asked her to pose for the cover. He went to the girl’s house to ask her parents’ permission to pose topless for the cover. They agreed, but the girl backed out. However, the girl’s younger sister begged the parents to let her pose instead. They agreed and the younger sister ended up posing for the cover. Seidemann called the image “Blind Faith” and Eric Clapton made that the name of the group.

Presence Of The Lord

I have finally found a way to live just like I never could before
I know that I don’t have much to give, but I can open any door
Everybody knows the secret, everybody knows the score
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I have finally found a way to live in the colour of the Lord

I have finally found a place to live just like I never could before
And I know I don’t have much to give, but soon I’ll open any door
Everybody knows the secret, everybody knows the score

I have finally found a place to live, oh, in the presence of the Lord
In the presence of the Lord

I have finally found a way to live, just like I never could before
And I know I don’t have much to give, but I can open any door
Everybody knows the secret, I said everybody knows the score
I have finally found a way to live in the colour of the Lord
In the colour of the Lord

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Blind Faith – Presence of the Lord”

  1. Blind Faith was a fluke, but a good one. They were destined to have a short shelf life because of friction between Baker, Clapton, and Wynwood. Too many egos there to placate and not enough vinyl. Good music that sums up the 60s very well.

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    1. From what I’ve read Eric didn’t want Baker in but Winwood didn’t know this and invited him…he liked Baker but didn’t want to bring in the Cream baggage.
      Their one album though is very good.


  2. I’ve always liked this song and its various live recordings from Hyde Park onward, but it really seems like an anomaly looking back considering how much turmoil and substance abuse was going on in Clapton’s life. I wonder if George was an influence on the subject matter.

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    1. That is a great point that I never thought of…it wasn’t like Clapton to come out with this subject matter…I would say it was a strong chance.


  3. wow, Winwood looked so young in the top video (I mean, he WAS young but it’s odd to see). A fine song… second one this morning I didn’t recognize by name but knew when I heard it . The first was a Cowsills song I linked in my Bangles blog.


  4. I listened to this album all the time when it came out in ’69 and into the 70s, but I had the other album cover, the one that was sold in the US, not the one with the topless teen, as that would have pissed my dad off.

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      1. Roxy Music had to change their ‘Country Life” album cover for the US 5 years later, and those models were certainly adults. Wonder if the cover helped by way of getting attention or hurt them because of boycotts from stores etc?

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      2. I don’t think it hurt because of the albums performance…and their tour was fine…except that Clapton didn’t want to be there. He was tired of the star tours.

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    1. It’s funny how different things are said…sometimes by the writer. That is believable. Intergroove who commented earlier suggested Harrison being an influence and that makes sense also.

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  5. After seeing the biography starting with Clapton’s childhood years and what an internally troubled young man he was, there is no surprise he took to abusing substances and engaging in other self-destructive behavior — I mean, who willingly screws it up with the woman he stole from George Harrison?? I also believe he needed to pour his soul out to make things right with his spiritual self. This song and others he’s written are his way of redeeming and healing himself. God has been merciful to Eric and gifted him with this one.

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    1. intergroove mentioned in the comments that George Harrison could have influenced Eric into God…I find that very feesible .

      After reading Pattie’s book…the man had an addiction problem to anything…if it wasn’t booze it was fly-fishing…and I mean fly-fishing to the extreme and never coming home.

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      1. They probably helped each other at one time or another. I remember one of them talking about walking around in the garden at Eric’s house and a big song (Here Comes the Sun maybe?) was inspired there. Good friends can keep each other going.

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