Chuck Berry – I’m Talking About You

The song was written by Chuck Berry, whose version was released as a single in February 1961, with ‘Little Star’ on the b-side.

I first heard the song by the Beatles on the Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962 album released in 1977. I then heard the Chuck Berry version on Ken Burns’s great documentary Baseball.

I’m Talking About You’ was also recorded by a number of other British groups at the time, including The Hollies, The Yardbirds, and The Rolling Stones.

The song was on Chuck Berry’s fifth studio album “New Juke Box Hits.

I’m Talking About You

Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know
I met her walking down a uptown street
She’s so fine you know I wished she was mine
I get shook up every time we meet

I’m talkin about you
Nobody but you
Yeah, I do mean you
I’m just trying to get a message to you

Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know
I tell ya now she looks so good
Got so much skills and such a beautiful will
She oughta be somewhere in Hollywood

I’m talkin ’bout you
Nobody but you
Come on and give me a cue
So I can get a message to you

Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know
She’s sitting right here by my side
Lovely indeed that why I asked if she
Promised someday she will be my bride

Talkin ’bout you
I do mean you
Nobody but you
Come on, let me get a message through


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

29 thoughts on “Chuck Berry – I’m Talking About You”

  1. This is a great tune! I love the way you can hear the intersection of the Beatles and the Stones within it. It’s so clean and yet so earthy! It’s an example of the juxtaposition of a master. From that intersection he created rock n roll.

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    1. Paul lifted the bass line to this note for note for I Saw Her Standing There…that is the reason I posted both of them. Paul admits it.

      Pam…I have an off-topic question for you…Did you ever watch All In The Family? Did you like it?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ok cool….Remember when you wrote about The Sopranos? Would you ever consider writing about Archie, Edith, Gloria, and Mike?
        I’ve been binge-watching those episodes…I love how the characters grew in different ways.

        I tried but could not get it….what started it was Edith…what an interesting character…she could be the last one to get things but she understood all of them better than anyone else…
        Plus…the show…nothing has changed with the topics…same subjects like today…just the names. The world now is full of Mikes and Archies.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I would love to write about them. I’ve actually thought about doing it…I think we might could do something together…on your site, perhaps?…You might want to do an introduction about the series and I could do a character analysis…

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      3. That would be great Pam! I would be honored. Ill get the facts about the show together… that sounds great! Just tell me when you can and I’ll get my info together.

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      4. Well, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now with our business and some side work I’m doing so it’ll be a bit before I can commit to it…I can have things ready by the last week of September…if that’s okay.

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    1. I was trying to do it and I thought that would be right up her alley. She did a profile on the Sopranos that was great.
      I can handle the facts but not that part. I was watching and realized how smart Edith really was after you get past the silly stuff.


      1. Edith was my hero. Her voice, on the other hand… Jean’s normal voice was so much better.

        When I started dating my ex-husband (#1), his last name was Bernatowicz. My dad used to call him “meat-head” and, himself, “Archie.” It was all in good fun. He really liked Steve and Steve didn’t mind at all. My dad would tease me about dating (and marrying) a Polack. LOL!

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      2. LOL… you lived that life!
        Edith was one of the best loved characters…I watched the one when this young guy tried to rape her…it was so damn hard to watch. I remember that one when I was a kid.


      3. My favorite is when Edith was going through the change of life… “STIFLE YOURSELF ARCHIE”


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