Paul McCartney in Nashville 1974

Back in the early seventies, there was a line between rock and country. Now that line is blurred quite a bit but when Paul came to Nashville…it was a huge deal here. Some country artists wondered why a Beatle was coming here.

I’ve written some here but I don’t do it justice… His month stay involved an emergency room visit, a visit to Johnny Cash, Loveless Motel (great place to eat), and many other places. Please read this..

People here still talk about this visit to the city. I was only 7 and it was one year before I got into the Beatles. I faintly remember the newscasts. On June 6, 1974, Paul arrived and said he chose Nashville for his month’s stay as a rehearsal base for an upcoming tour. He also planned to enjoy himself while here, socializing with the community and horseback riding.

Paul said: “I rather fancy the place,”  “It’s a musical center. I’ve just heard so much about it that I wanted to see for myself.”

He recorded songs, went to the Grand Ole Opry, met Porter Waggner and Dolly Parton, ate some Kentucky Fried Chicken, and visited Printers Alley. Paul and Linda lived on a farm in Lebanon that  Curly Putman Jr rented…that is where the title Juniors Farm came from. Putman was a songwriter who wrote some huge songs like The Green Green Grass of Home, He Stopped Loving Her Today, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, and many more.

I have a cousin that lives down the road from the farm Paul and Linda stayed at…he got this shot but it’s a little dark. They added some columns since 1974.IMG_2102.PNG

Former Beatle Paul McCartney takes his wife, Linda, for a spin around the lawn of the home of songwriter Curly Putman July 17, 1974, where the McCartneys have been living during their visit to Nashville.

As his time in Tennessee came to a close, McCartney told a group of local reporters that he hoped to mount a U.S. tour the following year and that if it happened, Music City would definitely be on the itinerary.

McCartney didn’t come back until 36 years later in 2010 and I finally got to see him.

Paul McCartney's Nashville past






Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

28 thoughts on “Paul McCartney in Nashville 1974”

  1. Cool story Max. I will need to click that link as well.
    I caught McCartney twice. One in 89 at the Skydome in Toronto and in 1993 in Winnipeg. Good shows.
    The 89 show I made sure I got to as that was his first tour since 76 so I thought I had better see him but than he has toured steady since then.
    93 I was in Winnipeg with a buddy going to see an NHL game when that weekend the tix for McCartneys show their a few months later. So we decided Road Trip!

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    1. I was too young to remember the impact but some treated him coming here like an alien landing back in 1974.

      I didn’t think I’d ever get to see him…it was cool after being a fan for so long… it was like one song after another that I had a history with….

      That had to be a cool road trip.

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  2. Great read, Max. I knew McCartney visited Nashville and I knew that Sally G came from that visit. But that was all I knew. I’m so happy to know the inspiration of Juniors Farm! It’s one of my favorite Wings songs. So much better than Sally G, I think. My husband plays Sally G and I hold my nose. Then, I play Juniors Farm when we are playing dueling DJs here at the house. It’s true! I never knew the songs were connected in that way.
    P.S. The Nashville Scene article is really good. I love The Scene. Great rag. Great post.

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    1. The history of that visit was great…I’m laughing over the dueling DJs! That is great.
      I’ve been reading the Scene for a long time…it is really good.

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      1. Yeah, we do what we call two and two. He plays two songs, and I play two songs. Sometimes it’s entirely free-form. Sometimes we have to match the style and spirit of what the other plays. We’re stupid like that. Ha!
        But, to your point of the intersection of pop/rock & country–I’ve always liked some representations of that. But not Sally G. I think it’s a lame song. To me, it’s the epitome of Paul McCartney’s worst songwriting impulses. Whereas Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey and the middle part of A Day In The Life (the part that he wrote; the whole song is a masterpiece) are examples of the best part of Paul’s artistry.
        Anyway–back to Sally G–I much prefer The Rolling Stones experimentation with country. The Girl With Far Away Eyes is brilliant.

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      2. That sounds like a lot of fun. I see what you are saying on Sally G…my personal connection overrides it though…My grandmother’s name was Sally and her last name began with G so that was an automatic like when I was 8 years old!

        As far as the worse of McCartney…I have to pick a very popular song…My Love…or as I call it…wo wo wo wo My Love. Great melody…but whew.

        That was Johns job…to keep Paul in check at times. Sometimes you can see he was sorely missed…and the same the other way also.

        The Stones did make some good country type songs. Far Away Eyes of course and Dead Flowers I guess could be considered but I’m not sure on that one.

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      3. Yeah. Definitely Dead Flowers. You have a grand excuse for your affection for Sally G. As for me, I have no excuse for mine–I like My Love and, even, With a Little Luck. Ha! But you–and my husband–are right about My Love. Wo, that part is bad!

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  3. Very neat. Glad you got to see him eventually, too.
    I think that showed McCartney was a pretty smart artist… it’s easy and safe to stay home and work where you always do, but it is a risk that can pay great dividends to go somewhere very different and be exposed to totally different ideas.

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  4. Cool story! I’ve been fortunate to see Paul McCartney in concert twice. The first time was back in Germany in the late ’80s during his tour supporting the excellent “Flowers in the Dirt” solo album. The second gig was in Hershey, Pa. in July 2016. Both shows were just amazing.

    While I recognize Paul’s voice is starting to show some wear (On “Egypt Station,” I actually feel it adds a degree of charm to it!), I’d love to see him at least one more time!

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    1. I saw him in 2010 and 2013…In 2010 his voice was in great form… in 2013 you could hear some changes. How many other artists could you go to and for 3 hours have one hit after the other?

      I have to ask this Christian… Did you ever go to Hamburg to see any of the clubs they played when they were young?

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      1. That’s great. What I’ve always loved about Paul – and I believe that’s something that hasn’t changed – is the apparent joy he still gets out of performing live! While skill is important, I feel having fun is what it’s largely, since that’s what creates an authentic connection with the audience.

        Paul is still a great a great musician, based on clips I’ve seen. I’d forgive him in a heartbeat, if he wouldn’t hit some of the high notes when singing!

        As for Hamburg, sadly, I actually never went there to see what historical traces of The Beatles are left there. I suppose part of the reason is – and I know it sounds a bit like a lame excuse – that it took about 5 hours from my house close Bonn to drive all the way up to Hamburg.

        In fact, during all my 25 years living in Germany, I think I only went to Hamburg twice. The first time was just before I got into music.

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      2. I get the reason…it’s not lame because I live in 30 minutes from Nashville but there are alot of places I’ve never been to that are historical.

        Of all the Beatles Paul loved playing live. You are right he still gets a kick out of it and we benefit from that.

        Oh Paul could rearrange his songs for all I care…he has earned the right. He still puts on a great show. I love when he talks about Jimi Hendrix and then the Beatles from the stage. When I saw him he brought out the Epiphone guitar he used to record Paperback Writer.

        Incredible musician…


  5. I had no idea he had dropped in on Nashville. Love those photos. But, he was right…it is a powerful music hub.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to listen to a convo between him & Dolly Parton. Talk about two different worlds…

    I am completely lost on what Junior’s Farm is…other than the reference to the farm he & Linda stayed at.

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    1. You mean the song Juniors Farm? It does play with images…probably my favorite Paul song.

      I would have loved to hear that conversation also. Two different worlds back then.


      1. I will say, though…the guy at the beginning of the video, whom states that Linda was a photographer, also said she was an Eastman…a reference to George Eastman of Kodak. No. She’s not. She is an Epstein. Her father changed his name. And, George Eastman never married or had kids.

        It just aggravates me when folks link Linda to Kodak just because of her birth name and profession.

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      2. Yea her father was a big time Lawyer. Paul wanted him to manage the Beatles but John wanted Klein…which later he said was a mistake.

        Yea I heard that also when I first started to read about the Beatles. Linda was a good photographer though.


      3. OY. Allen Klein was a nightmare.

        I’ve seen her work. I love her eye for things. Of course, I am a shutterbug, too.

        I feel sorry for Paul. She was his muse…on so many levels. He hasn’t been able to replace her.

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      4. They were one couple that was REALLY a couple…and a family. He took his kids on the road with them and they were always together.


  6. Awesome post, Max. I read the article you linked to, which was very interesting. All new info to me. I have marked the video for later. I really like the pic of the Maccas with Dolly and Porter as well as the pic your cousin took of Junior’s Farm. Very cool about your grandma’s name.

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