Circle Of Fear

This anthology supernatural series ran from 1972-1973. Like most of these types of series, it flowed from the original Twilight Zone. It wasn’t as smart (hardly anything is) but it was entertaining. It involved satanic cults, ghosts, killer dogs, twin turmoil, and so much more. And while some of the stories come off as simplistic (most really don’t have a twist), they all have something to offer… an intriguing plot or an interesting performance. It’s as I said, a solid batch of stories.

It was originally called “Ghost Story” and Winston Essex (Sebastian Cabot) opened each episode by taking the audience into his spooky old mansion and introducing the plot, which could range from a vampire preying on college students to a ghost haunting a house to an old man using voodoo against his own family. On January 5, 1973, the series changed its title to “Circle of Fear“, the Essex character was no longer part of the show, and the stories didn’t always feature supernatural themes.

It’s been sadly forgotten…if you like the supernatural it’s worth a watch.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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14 thoughts on “Circle Of Fear”

    1. No I have them’s only like 20 something episodes…working in IT…we share and I have all kinds of odd things. I think the closest thing I can compare it to is the NIght Gallery

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  1. Not sure I ever saw this series, how scary is it? Question: did you ever do a post on Tales from the Dark Side? I have the whole series here that someone left behind when they moved out. If you have, will you give a link to it? If not, will you consider doing a post on it?

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    1. It’s not that scary…70s tv scary…Susan Dey and Leif Garrett are are one episode. It’s like the Night Gallery.

      I will do Tales from the Dark Side… I have them all. I haven’t done one…Thank you…I need an idea for tomorrow! I love Tales From The Darkside.

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      1. OK, good to know on Circle of Fear (sounds familiar but don’t actively remember the show). Very cool on covering Tales from… I’ve seen the first couple but it’s been years now since watching and want to know before getting back into it how scary they are. (Can you tell I don’t like to be super-scared?)

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      2. Yea I can tell! I have it ready to go tomorrow but yes…Tales can be scarier than Circle of Fear by a lot. Horror and comedy though…with Science Fiction mixed in.

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