Where is…The Partridge Family Bus?

I always have wondered where certain pop culture items have gone. Where is the “M” hanging on the wall in Mary Tyler Moore Show (she actually kept that), Fonzie’s leather jacket (Smithsonian), the original model of the Starship Enterprise (Again Smithsonian), the… well you get the point.

I like collecting seventies items. The Partridge Family bus would be one of the ultimate things to collect. It would be nice to find it somewhere on an old farm…but it is most likely lost to time. There are two known explanations for what happened to it.

One story is… it was last seen behind “Lucy’s Tacos” in LA in 1987. It supposedly was in the back parking lot. Then it was towed away to a junkyard into history.

But… I still have hope! Some have said the bus at Lucy’s Taco was a replica of the original because the make and model of the bus didn’t jive with the one on the show. There was only one bus…they changed the interior a bit during the later seasons but just one bus was used.

Others say it was painted white and used in a short-lived tv series called Apple’s Way in 1974. Most likely it’s gone to pop culture heaven…You never know though…somewhere it could still be out there.

What would I do with it? Tour America in the bus picking up fellow bloggers on the way? Dig up Tiger Beat magazines and look for Susan Dey? I have no clue…The closest I’ll ever get to it is this.

Image result for the partridge family bus hot wheels


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

25 thoughts on “Where is…The Partridge Family Bus?”

    1. Well I will tell you when I wrote it…when you had their picture at the top of your top 40 post a couple of weeks ago and I went searching where it was at now.
      I watched an episode not long after that. That was a good chemistry they had…it gave the show a bite.

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  1. I see lots of articles on Apartment Therapy about people who take school buses and turn them into homes, either mobile or fixed. I might do something like that…

    Susan Dey was always too skinny. Maureen McCormick, on the other hand…

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    1. I’ve seen a few busses like that. It is a cheaper way of getting a camper or tour bus…
      I love items with history… it would be a really cool project if it was found.


      1. Yes…but I WANT that one Lisa! lol…if I could only add a whiny voice with that with that.

        No it would be cool to have one of those old ones…

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      2. That is what I thought. Ricky told me that the bus in the back of Lucy’s Taco’s was a record company duplicate…there is hope it’s still out there.
        When they trash one they have to keep the VIN number.

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  2. Now I’ll be wondering where that bus is! It’s a great knock off of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic ‘Mondrian’ dress of the 1960s, which is high on my list of things to make.

    Not on that iconic scale, but here in Wichita this time of year, we can see the nighttime Christmas village from one of the Look Who’s Talking movies. Kirstie Alley kept the set and brought it here to her home. She puts it up at Christmas time. It’s unique and fun to see at night. It’s large enough that it fronts a wide city lot.

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    1. That is so cool that she does that. I love stuff like that tremendously. Any set piece off of anything with the history is cool. I really like those movies also.

      The closest I’ve come to owning something awesome is a t-shirt worn by Keith Moon and it wasn’t too close…It was on sale in an internet auction… I went to 350… waited a bit but it was gone at 900 dollars before I knew it. This was early 2000s…. now it would be much higher. It was with a big auction house. I just couldn’t go that high then. It would be framed in my house if…

      That bus… I have to wonder if it is somewhere just rotting and no one knows.


      1. I think your hunch is right, that the bus is somewhere with weeds growing up through it. Maybe it’s been painted over, too. If so, someone will find it someday.

        Too bad you didn’t get that Keith Moon shirt. You made a good effort, though. A few months ago, I bid on a couple of Greg Lake items. They went too high, too. But it was fun to be the high bidder for awhile anyway.

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  3. That bus was so cool. Most memorable thing about the show, to me. Cool model you have there – I even recall back then in the day wishing Matchbox would make a toy one, but to myknowledge they never did.


  4. I liked the show for various reasons. Danny was a hoot and I thought David Cassidy was cute. The music was good for a TV show singing family also. About the bus: you find that bus and take it on the road, make sure you stop by Michigan and take me along! I can get my kids to catsit and feed my fish for a couple of weeks at least.

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