The Paul McCartney Bruce Mcmouse Show…quick review

Last night my son and I went to see this film in Nashville at the Belcourt Theater at the screening. It opened up with Paul McCartney and Wings in very early seventies attire talking about how they met the Mcmouses. The one thing that surprised me…it was a smaller amount of animation that I anticipated. I thought it would be 60-40 animation but it was around 30-70 with Wings playing live on their 72 European tour and various film clips with the music. I’m not unhappy with the ratio because I wanted to hear Wings live more than seeing the animation.

They did use some soundstage shots mixed in with live shots also.


My biggest complaint was the voices of the mice were a little too animated…no pun intended but you could not understand what they were saying without straining. Wings were great though. This is the earliest video I’ve seen of Paul playing outside of the Beatles. The sound was great. The songs I can remember were Big Red Barn, Wild Life, Long Tall Sally, Seaside Woman, My Love, Hi Hi Hi, Mary Had a Little Lamb, C Moon, Blue Moon Over Kentucky, Maybe I’m Amazed, and there are a few more I’m forgetting.

The film is only 55 minutes long but a good representation of Wings in 1972. The band looked like they were having a lot of fun. I will get the film when it is released.

It’s a nice film that was made right before Live and Let Die and Band on the Run. The Bruce Mcmouse Show is not the best thing Paul has done…but a fun film all the same. It’s also a nice time capsule of the early seventies… Also, it was cool that at least 80 percent of the audience were college students…that gives me hope…and it was packed.

Now Paul…release the 1976 tour to the Theaters, please.




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20 thoughts on “The Paul McCartney Bruce Mcmouse Show…quick review”

    1. Yes it was… This was early Wings…the Wings over America in 76 would be the definitive one. They were good and tight though in this one.


      1. I have a cousin who likes Wings better than The Beatles…of course I highly disagree… Band on the Run was the one album Paul hit the quality he did with the Beatles… it’s still missing the counterpoint…John


    1. No he would not play the Beatles stuff…he refused…all Wings and this was before Band On The Run and his dominance. I can see why he did that…not to turn into a Beatles tribute band at that time…that would not have been good.
      I was happy on the young turn out. Most of a packed theater was college kids.

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      1. That’s encouraging! My stepdaughter is 18 & mostly likes hip hop & new pop (like 21 Pilots) but strangely she does like Beatles (her mom introduced her to them years ago), some old crooners like Sinatra & now & again some 80s stuff I love, including “The Killing Moon” I wrote about earlier this week. I’ve got a friend who’ s 20 or so son is big into classic rock, no doubt because her hubby moonlights in a 70s covers bar band. Still, not every kid wants to associate themself with music of their parents!

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      2. You know I never pushed it on Bailey either…I really didn’t…I was an influence yea of of course…his friends like classic rock also…they say it has substance compared to today….that is music to my ears….he likes a few newer acts like Foster the People and Bon Iver…believe his name is.
        That is awesome that she likes the old stuff also… In the 90s older music was kinda of uncool to kids but now its back and fashionable.


    1. It was a nice little show… It is a time capsule. I understand why Paul didn’t release it later in 77 or so…it would have stood out like a sore thumb against the disco era… It’s history now….
      The cool part was the crowd was so young.

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      1. I love that about the young crowd. It’s also a kick to see Paul in that overalls outfit. He could have fit in with the Bay City Rollers during that phase. :p I’d love to know what Stella thinks of that look; whether she cringes or thinks it’s fun.

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      2. I loved the patch work shirt also…always have liked the shirts and jackets…don’t know what they are called and if they have a certain name.
        I felt old…because of the crowd but I was happy.


      3. It was a good thing because I like seeing the young people like this music. When we saw Paul both times…I was surprised at how many young people were there.

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