Kinks – Do It Again

Good riff and rock song by the Kinks. It starts off with a chord that is reminiscent of the “A Hard Days Night” intro.  I was in high school when it was released and it was great to hear a guitar driven song.

Ray Davies wrote this about the stressful working schedules the Kinks were going through. The song peaked at #41 in the Billboard 100 in 1983.

Do It Again

Standing in the middle of nowhere
Wondering how to begin
Lost between tomorrow and yesterday
Between now and then

And now we’re back where we started
Here we go round again
Day after day I get up and I say
I better do it again

Where are all the people going
Round and round till we reach the end
One day leading to another
Get up go out do it again

Then it’s back where you started
Here we go round again
Back where you started
Come on do it again

And you think today is going to be better
Change the world and do it again
Give it all up and start all over
You say you will but you don’t know when

Then it’s back where you started
Here we go round again
Day after day I get up and I say
Come on better do it again

The days go by and you wish you were a different guy
Different friends and a new set of clothes
You make alterations and [a fact in you knows]
A new house a new car a new job a new nose
But it’s superficial and it’s only skin deep
Cause the voices in your head keep shouting in your sleep
Get back, get back

Back where you started, here we go round again
Back where you started, come on do it again

Back where you started, here we go round again
Day after day I get up and I say, do it agaiiinnn
Do it again
Day after day I get up and I say, do it again

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

10 thoughts on “Kinks – Do It Again”

    1. That is me also…I thought it was a top twenty anyway…it got to #4 on the mainstream rock chart…whatever that is… It’s so confusing with all of those diferent charts.

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      1. LOL I agree on the chart business.. keep hoping they will do one more tour- once in a while you hear talk-but nothing official- one more album one more tour Davies brothers.

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      2. I hope it’s not a fight between the two before the album comes out. I really would like to see them one more time…they were in my top 5 of concerts I saw…
        off topic… Bailey is off from school today and with me at work…unless something stupid happens (You never know ) we are going to see the Paul movie tonight after work…I’ll let you know how it is…

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      3. Let me know about it if you see it- Its not playing anywhere around here that I see… we are going to go down to the local cinema and see that Peter Jackson documentary They Will Not Grow Old- about World War I that is playing for one day… I would like to think The Kinks come back for one long farewell tour- they would get the light shining on their career again- terribly unappreciated. They deserve attention.

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      4. I will…may do a write up…
        I’ve never seen that documentary…would love to. There is so much about WW2 but not WW1.
        The Kinks are a mystery to me…maybe too British for the masses…but the masses are missing something great. I agree because they have never toured with today’s media…it would shine the light on them again.

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      5. It’s been well over 20 years since their last tour.. you are right – heck that was probably even before the internet their last tour.

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    1. I saw them in the early eighties with the White Animals opening up. What a way to open up your concert experience! My first was the mighty REO lol.


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