Slang from the Seventies

I remember most of these. Once in a while when I’m in a good mood at work…I will slip some of these in just to see the reactions. I’m in IT so I can get by with it…we are viewed as weird anyway. I never realized how much out of date slang there is out there. This doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Do Me a Solid – do me a favor

To the Max – I still use this one…it contains my name so it fits.

Disco Biscuits – Quaaludes

Cool Beans – Not a side dish but it’s cool

10-4 – good buddy – an understanding

Sweet! – very cool

Psyche – To fake someone out…love this one

Groovy – Everything is cool

Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid – Stop getting into my business

Do Me A Solid – Do me a favor

Catch you on the flip-side – See you later

Far Out – Cool and groovy

Can You Dig It – Do you understand

Wicked – Awesome

The Skinny – The lowdown

Good Night Johnboy – from the Waltons…a form of goodbye

Dy-no-mite! – JJ or Jimmy Walker from Goodtimes…something that is great.

Dream On – Saying something is unrealistic

The Man – Well this one is used today…the authority, corporations, police, government… the boss

Bitch’n – very cool

Gimme Five – This one has totally vanished…I’m updating this one…many do this with kids now…so I see a comeback.

No Way, Jose – Not going to happen

That’s Bogus – Not fair


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