Stretch Armstrong

I remember having Stretch and stretch him I did. He lasted a few months before it happened. Mr. Armstrong sprung a leak and out came this gooey liquid everywhere.

Jesse Horowitz designed Stretch… he tried a sumo wrestler but it was too big and he dropped the idea. He thought about a stretch woman to rival Barbie but smartly dropped that idea.

In 1976  Stretch Armstrong was sold to the masses, and the $11 toy that made Kenner over $50 million in revenue had a secret: He was basically just a big sack of corn syrup… but to a kid…a fun $11 big sack of corn syrup.

The fad wore out after a while other companies started to do their own Stretch dolls. The Mega company started their own line with Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman stretchable figures. Kenner sued but by the time anything was done Stretch’s time in the sun was over and his popularity faded.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stretched Stretch so much…

Armstrong dolls in a box that aren’t leaking profusely from ’70s wounds can fetch over $1000 on auction sites, with especially rare versions or prototypes worth more.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

5 thoughts on “Stretch Armstrong”

    1. A little operation on Stretch…I know why they are worth so much…hardly any survived.

      Off Topic… Finished Breaking Bad…Incredible. The ending was great. I’m glad they left it open for Jesse. Most of the loose strings were tied up.
      I will end up watching it again at some point. We are waiting for Better Call Saul to finish before we start watching them…I watched a few of them before and liked it before I knew Breaking Bad… Baby Blue was incredible…fit it like a glove.

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      1. I loved when they played that at the end- I think the song immediately after got a lot of airplay.. great great series. ,,, yes poor Stretch- my brother just couldn’t help himself.

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