Dodgers vs. Red Sox

It’s been 102 years since these organizations met in the World Series. Back then it was the Red Sox…with Babe Ruth against the Robins. In my lifetime they came close to meeting in 1978.

I’ve waited a long time for this, 40 years to witness the Dodgers play the Red Sox in the World Series. As a kid, I always loved to see Fenway Park on television with its vision of green and know that Babe Ruth once played there along with other greats. The team I love, The Dodgers, were winning their division in 1978 and I thought instead of playing the Yankees I could see the Dodgers play in Fenway. This was before Interleague entered the picture.

In 1978 The Red Sox had a commanding lead in the American League East division. They led the Yankees by 14  games in July I thought for sure the Sox had it. The teams ended up tied on the last day and it came down to a playoff game between the Sox and Yankees. The Yankees ended up winning the game and the American League pennant with the help of the famous Bucky Dent homer.

Now I’ll finally get to see it 40 years later in the World Series. Win or lose I’m looking forward to this World Series. Instead of Cey, Garvey, Lopes vs Lynn, Rice, and Yaz it will be Bellinger, Puig, Turner, and Kershaw against Betts, Bradley Jr., Martinez, and Sale.

Should be a good series.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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18 thoughts on “Dodgers vs. Red Sox”

  1. If I had to place a bet on the series- well the Red Sox have to be a big favorite but as we both know- in a short series anything can happen. I few series come to mind- the Reds vs A’s when a few sportswriters were joking and saying A’s in 3… the Dodgers in 1988 that was supposed to be a massacre- [did you see the half hour pre-game show the other night on Gibson’s home run? excellent.} Short series a lot of unpredictable things can happen. I think the Red Sox wouldn’t have had a problem with the Brewers- their bullpen was overworked no way did they have much left if they had won. Good luck to your Dodgers I am rooting for them. My Key- need to win game 1 with Clayton. Have to go back to LA with at least one win.

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    1. Yes I did see that. The story about Gibson’s homerun is as good as the homerun. I remember that night. I was hoping for a single…a ball in the gap…an error…never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be a homerun. That won that series for the Dodgers
      I can’t believe the Sox beat the Astros to tell you the truth. I didn’t expect that. I agree they need one game. Dodger Stadium is a tougher place to hit… Ryu has been really tough there but not on the road.

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      1. The Gibson home run was just so unexpected considering his condition. He was the glue to that team. I always thought the early 90’s Pirates needed a Gibson. .. The Astros didn’t seem to me to have the same zing in that series. Maybe that call that went against them took something out of them. I see Altuve has already had knee surgery- had they won I don’t think he would have played in the NL parks without the DH… .. yes they could have cancelled the rest of the series after Gibson’s homer- the A’s were done. .. Taylor’s catch last night- that was a game changer!

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      2. That catch last night was the point where I thought the Dodgers had it. They saw something in Taylor and got him for a bag of peanuts from the Mariners…one of the best pickups….along with Muncy the FO has done in the past couple of years.

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      3. The Taylor and Muncy pick ups crazy. I thought although he certainly isn’t up to par with those two- the 38 year old catcher for the Brewers Krantz was a great story- he was with the Pirates a couple years ago when they had injuries- [and he broke in with them as a 30 year old rookie in 2010}- he had a good hitting post season- I recall him with the Pirates- he was a glove no bat. Of course he’s 38 he’s at the end not the beginning. I bet he ends up a coach….. i see the Pirates bench coach Tom Prince has been interviewed with the Reds for manager job. He was a guy who was a third string catcher for the Pirates back in the Leyland days- I knew he’d end up a coach- manager– he rarely played- was always bouncing back and forth between AAA and Pirates- sitting next to Leyland something had to rub off.

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      4. I remember Tom Prince with the Dodgers. Catchers make good managers. I think AJ Ellis will be a coach or manager one day.
        David Bell got the job with the Reds I think. I remember Krantz being traded around quite a bit. They pick up a lot of knowledge that way.


  2. I actually think Boston will win in 5 or 6, especially because they did what I said they had to do in the ALCS- win with Price on the mound. Now that he has the “curse” broken, I think they have the better starting rotation by a bit, and better hitting. That said, I do not like the Red Sox and will cheer on your dodgers! By the way, back in the pre-Jays days, as a kid, I was a big Cinci fan- don’t know why, but I was -but Dodgers might have been my second fave team. Those Cey/Garvey/Lopes teams were pretty impressive. (I also liked Philly back then. Do not know for the world of me why I ddin’t like the expos ,unlike almost every other Canadian back then. Liked their caps a lot, but not the team!)

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    1. Vegas is picking Boston….that makes me feel good lol…they picked the Dodgers last year. I think it will be a pretty good series. Sale and Kershaw are not pitching like their vintage selves… Just like the Brewers series…I will say…the Dodgers need to take one in Boston. Playing in LA neutralizes hitting a bit…
      The Dodgers this year are strange… they can look awful…then they can turn it around and pound people. I just want to see more small ball.

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      1. I once ran into (well not literally) Paul Quantrill, out shopping. He looked average at best on TV- in person he was a near giant. Makes you wonder how big the Randy Johnson’s and the like are in person!

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      2. The biggest Baseball guy I ever saw in person was Frank Thomas. The guy is a tank. I also saw Puig in person and he looks like he belongs in the NFL

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