MatchGame 73-79

I’m not big into game shows but this one was my favorite. When I was at my grandmothers I would watch Match Game. This was the one I looked forward to. The questions were written for the dirty minded… you could see what the celebrities wanted to write down but they had to stay somewhat clean. Dick DeBartolo from Mad Magazine wrote most of the questions so it had that humor.

Mary liked to pour gravy over John’s ______

It was fun for the celebrities and from the documentries I’ve seen they would film 12 episodes over a weekend and drinks would be flowing at lunch and dinner. The styrofoam cups you would see them drinking from  would sometimes be vodka instead of water on air.

The regulars I remember were Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson (until he left for his own show). The others that would be on the show occasionally were Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Joyce Bulifant, Nipsey Russell, Marcia Wallace, Patti Deutsch and more.

Sometimes the celeberties would have so much fun that I would feel sorry for the contestant trying to win money when the celebrities would write joke answers. Richard Dawson and Charles Nelson Reilly would usually be serious on the answers.

So many women would pick Dawson because he was the best player and because they wanted to kiss him if they won…or lost really…That was a glimpse to his future game show.

Gene Rayburn was the host and he would hold everything together barely. It really did seem Rayburn was having a great time.

I remember Richard Dawson’s last week on the show. He wore dark glasses and would not smile. He seemed bored (he had started to do Family Feud by this time) and serious. Turns out that he wanted off the show but they would not let him…After that final show of him being sullen and not smiling…he was gone.

The game was also changed because of Dawson. In the last round more times than not he was picked…well he was good… The producers changed the rules and  made people spin a wheel to see which celeb they would get in the final round.

They would push the censors as far as they could for the 1970s…I watch it whenever I can…





Author: Badfinger (Max)

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12 thoughts on “MatchGame 73-79”

  1. That was a show on the edge at the time. They had great panelists and Gene Rayburn was a perfect fit as the host. A very memorable game show indeed.

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    1. Hollywood Squares is the other one I will watch. You could tell they were having fun…for some reason, I had a crush on Joyce Bulifant when I was 9 or so…probably because she talked like a girl my age at the time.

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      1. Do you remember Hollywood Squares when Charlie Weaver was on? When I think of Hollywood Squares I think of him.

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      2. I had forgotten all about him! I had to look him up but yes I remember seeing him because a few years ago a friend of mine had some Hollywood Squares and I remember seeing him…I knew the name but forgot the face…I can’t help but think of Rose Marie and Paul Lynde

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      3. I didn’t know that. They did and I love the bloopers I’ve seen…like Match Game it looked like they were having a really good time…

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      4. I was wrong- Charley Weaver- Cliff Arquette- was the grandfather of all those Arquette’s that are running around today. David- Rosanna etc.. Not Segourney Weaver…

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  2. Oh man, my secret shame, my guilty pleasure. A couple months back I began watching Matchgame every morning before work on GSN. I’ll turn on the news for about 30 seconds before saying “Nope, not doing that to myself to start the day,” then switch over. It’s eyebrow-raising to watch in the #metoo era. I ended up reading wiki articles on some of those celebs. Any time Charles Nelson Riley was wearing a hat, it was because his toupee needed to be re-set. They were always smoking. Dawson used to break into his Paul Lynde imitation which was hilarious. I do find Brett Somers to be rather useless – it’s like she doesn’t even try. Brilliant stuff, right down to the orange shag carpet. I didn’t know the circumstances surrounding Dawson’s departure though. Like you, I watched with my grandmother and aunt as a child and when I was home sick from school. I can’t believe I just typed this much about a game show.

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    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I can’t believe I typed as much as I did about the game. It was one of those things I remember and even as a kid, I knew the dirty answers to the questions. I agree with you on Brett Somers. In some episodes, you can tell they are flying a bit on the alcohol but never too bad. After Dawson left it was never the same. I remember I saw that last show with him when it originally aired…I thought something was wrong with him. Charles could be funny also… Betty White could be very witty at times.


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