IT 1990 and IT 2017

The new trailer for IT Chapter 2 is out now.

I’ve never seen IT as a horror story…I’ve seen it as a coming of age story with scary twists. I really like the novel and I wanted to see something as close as possible to the book. The book is much better than either the movie or miniseries but that is usually how it is.

I went to see IT (2017) with very high hopes. I realized before I traveled to the theater that they could never meet my expectations. My hope (and far-fetched dream) was that they would have made an HBO series of the novel. It would have been fifteen to twenty hour-long episodes. I wanted so much for the novel to come to life on screen. That wasn’t going to happen in one movie but I will say that yes I enjoyed it.

I’m not one of those who dismiss the 1990 mini-series. They were working with a low budget and the constraints of television. I thought the children were perfectly cast. The first episode was superior to the second episode but the second had it’s moments…not counting the terrible spider or the ponytail on Richard Thomas. The one thing IT 1990 had over 2017 is overall creepiness. Maybe it was Tim Curry and the late 80s sound effects.

IT 2017 was much better looking and I liked Bill Skarsgård’s version of Pennywise. The way he toyed with Georgie was classic. They revealed way too much in the many trailers and sneak peeks. Most of the movie you knew what was coming next. My biggest problem is the kids really didn’t have time to bond. Also, the time change from the 1950’s to the 1980s…did Andrés Muschietti just think the audience today could not comprehend the 50’s? The reason I liked the 50’s backdrop is that kids were more innocent then and Pennywise in that era would be more of a shock.

It’s not really fair to judge the new IT until Chapter 2 comes out in September but Chapter 1 was enjoyable. I’m happy the story has been revived again.




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12 thoughts on “IT 1990 and IT 2017”

  1. I never saw the mini series. Loved the film. It was a great book, but I was so disappointed in the ending. It was anti-climactic for me. How about you? Anyway, I agree that it was a coming of age story more than a horror story. The beginning chapter was especially creepy though.

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    1. I do agree it was over a little too easy… plus I would have liked to know what happen to the 5 that were left… just a little.

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  2. I also agree that it was a coming of age story more than a horror story.

    My husband and I watched these in October for the Halloween horror marathon (including It Chapter Two). He specifically asked me to watch these as he felt that I could be missing something for deliberately avoiding the movies. My idea of a horror story is anything involving ghosts, spirits, ghastly entities, but not clowns. Surprisingly, I liked them. But I kind of freaked out when he’s told me about the graphic orgy scene from the original story.. I am not sure how to feel about it.

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    1. That part has got a lot of attention of course. I’m not defending it…it was a shock but the way King wrote it…it really wasn’t indecent or anything like that. It’s clear what he was doing…BUT…he probably should have found a different way of getting there….to show the change from childhood to adulthood.

      I’m not a huge fiction person…but the book…it’s like you know everyone in the town of Derry afterward…and the coming of age part…It’s like Stand By Me with a twist.

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      1. Perhaps I should read the book to get it… my husband has similar thoughts as yours re: that scene… He said that he too understood why King had to include that.

        Yes, I get what you mean. I felt that kind of familiarity with Harry Potter, haha..

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      2. Funny you should mention Harry Potter. There are two fiction books I’ve read. One was IT and the other was the complete Harry Potter series.

        IT is ugly in as the bad guys…are really bad…not like the movie as much. Henry Bowers is just awful…they didn’t show the racist things in the movie…you really hate him.

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