Doctor Who…NOT Miss WHO

I have always loved Doctor Who. I remember it in the 1970s on PBS…Tom Baker was fantastic. The special effects were not great but it did NOT matter. As long as the story was conveyed that is all I cared about. They brought it back in 2005 and I’ve liked all the Doctors since then until now. Now they cast a woman as Doctor Who….I have nothing against women….I was raised by my Mom and sister and I have nothing but respect for women. It’s not about hating women…it’s about miscasting.

The BBC did it to be politically correct.  They didn’t care if it would be good for the show or not…it’s all about making certain people happy.

and this from the BBC:

It was always unlikely that the Doctor would continue to be white and male, especially as the BBC has committed itself to greater diversity on its programmes

but yet this also right before…


It should be about making the show better not for greater diversity. To me it’s about the same as a man being cast as Wonder Woman, A giant spider being cast as King Kong.

I would have been just as angry if they would have made the Doctor an American man. It doesn’t fit.

Well I have all the old classic shows and the shows since 2005 to keep me entertained. I least I won’t have to take time every Saturday night to watch it anymore. As much as it pains me to say….I could care less if it ends up cancelled.

Darth Vader to Luke: “I am your mother” How would that have gone down?

Steven Moffat…the Show Runner…said he would not cast a woman….then the BBC stepped in and now all a sudden he agrees with the decision.

Some people may like it…more power to them…but it’s not just the fact HE turned into a woman…it’s the fact that it was just done for diversity. Yes Doctor Who is a fictional character but also an icon. Some change in life is good…but change for the sake of changing is not….

I was so angry when this was announced….Well I’ve had more time to think about it and ….I’m more angry. I would have like to go on a swearing rant here but I won’t do that.

I’ve heard the saying “change with the times” over this subject…well I will only when the changes make sense. To me this doesn’t at all…

Anyone who disagrees with the choice is called a woman hater. No I’m a political correctness hater….and that is why this happened.

From the Dailystar

Comments on social media and fan forums included: “Female Doctor – tick.

“Middle aged white man – tick. Young black man – tick. Young Asian girl – tick



Tom Baker my favorite Doctor


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

9 thoughts on “Doctor Who…NOT Miss WHO”

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The reason I wanted to blog in the first place was because of the Doctor Who change…I hate PC….I just now posted something about it. . Yes I will get negative things I’m sure…but so be it..I’ll hear sexist more than once… I really like your blog and I will follow…I’m not a writer (I am an IT Director) as you can see and I’m all over the place… I just post about things that I like.. My passion’s are mostly British ever since I found the Beatles, Who and Doctor Who at a young age.


  1. I agree with you, completely, Max. Once a character has been formed, that character should stay as it is. I have watched a couple of the new ones but just can’t get to grips with a female Dr Who. To me he’s patriarchal – neither in a good or a bad way. In the original series, he was a grandfather (with his grand-daughter accompanying him), a rather irracisble, grumpy old man. The subsequent changes to different bodies didn’t always sit easily with me, but at least after a while I got used to it, until this. Urgh. Hopefully she’ll become a he again sometime in the future.

    I’ve not liked all the doctors, by the way. Couldn’t bear Sylvester McCoy, who I thought was too clown-like, or Colin Baker who I had also seen in Blake’s Seven and he didn’t strike me as particularly true to his character in that either. (Did you get Blake’s 7 there?)

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    1. I wrote this right when I started and I thought I would get raked over the coals but no one was following me then. I agree with everything you said about the Doctor.

      It doesn’t feel right at all to me. It has nothing to do with being sexist… it just seems wrong. I might have mentioned this but it’s like Johnny Depp playing Wonder Woman. I cannot wait til she changes.

      I agree with you about Colin Baker…he wasn’t likable at all. Sylvester McCoy I missed completely. When I was growing up our Public Broadcasting System (PBS) had this show, Are You Being Served, The Good Life, and Fawlty Towers. I like all of them to this day. I have never seen Blake’s 7…I will have to look that up.

      My favorite Doctor is Tom Baker…something about him I liked.


      1. Yes, Tom Baker was my favourite, too. After that I liked Tennant. I’ve a few box sets, but of the later ones. I do still have some old VHS tapes with some of the old shows on them, but haven’t watched them in ages.

        I don’t think it’s at all sexist not liking the doctor being a woman! And you’re right, it’s like Johnny Depp playing Wonder Woman. (What a thought!!)

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      2. I did like Tennant and Smith. I do have all the classic ones that are available.
        Thanks… I was raised by my mom and sister… being a sexist wasn’t an option.

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