Happy New Year To All Of You!

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog this year and the last few years.

I started this blog in September of 2017 and I have learned a lot from reading your blogs and interacting with you all. It was cool to find fellow Big Star, Beatle, Who, Twilight Zone, Baseball, Jazz, Classical, Power Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Old Country, Surf, Classic TV, Classic Movie, 1970s, fans…. and everything in between.

In 2016 I would not have believed I would be communicating with people in different states across America, New Zealand, The UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Columbia, Australia, India, France, Sweden, Spain, and more! I’m also learning more about new music, old new music, cool old and new movies, and most of all…people. I probably comment too much at times but it’s a lot of fun learning.

Now…I want to mention a few I follow and read and they come and visit me also. I was hesitant to do this because I know I will miss someone …if I did it wasn’t on purpose.

I’ve commented with you all, emailed many of you, talked to some of you over the phone, and met one of you. Thank you all once again.

I didn’t know where New Zealand was until I started to talk to Bruce and Graham …after talking them I would love to visit there.

I’ve learned about Australia and Columbia…and classical music from Matt,

I’ve even listened to Heavy Metal and Canadian bands from Deke and Dave.

I’ve read great stories and read poems for really the first time from Lisa and Bruce

Learned about new music from Jeff, Graham, and Christian.

Learned even more about the Beatles and music from Hanspostcard

Learned even more about baseball from Hanspostcard and Dave

Looked at sewing machines as works of art with run-sew-read

Learned a whole lot about the Grateful Dead and music from Jim

My guide to 80’s alternative bands from Paul and Dave,

Monday songs from Eden

How radio really works and more about family from Keith

Learning every number 1 from the UK with Stuart

About life and friendship from Vic,

Wonderful life stories from Mitch,

Album reviews from John and Graham,

Learned about Chicago and interesting music from fan and fellow musician John 

Awesome posts from Mojo Horizon

Restaurants to eat at from Blaine

Detailed history history from Rick

Cooking and Saint Bernards from Jeanne

Inspiring writing from Pam

Writing and an author… Steve

Movies from Master Mix Movies

Off the radar songs and movies, and everything cool from Cincinnati  Babyhead (CB)

Cool music from Hotfox63

Some of the most entertaining  true stories I’ve ever heard from Phil

I learn a lot about business situations from Kally

Great posts and one of my first followers…and fellow Monkee fan Blackwing

Nashville music history from my cousin Ricky

Comics from Harry Chamberlain

Stories from James

Animals from Cheche Winnie

Awesome Cartoons from Hobo Cartoons

Commenting over at Dave’s blog with Obbverse

The writing of Jason 

Fellow power pop fan Mike

Great posts from Mark

Again if I missed anyone I’m sorry…I just ran through this off the top of my head.

Thanks to everyone and have a Happy New Year to you and your family from Powerpop.blog (and it’s curator…Max). We survived 2020 and 2021…lets make this one better!