Chandler’s Wildlife

I’m taking a short detour from  pop culture with this post so I do apologize but I wanted to share this. When I have time and get bored…which lately is rare since I’ve been busy at work…I watch Chandler’s Wildlife.

I ran across this guy’s youtube channel. Chandler Kamenesh works at a zoo or wildlife refuge. The guy is passionate about King Cobras . He personally owns two (Kevin and Justina) and he free handles all of the venomous snakes, alligators, and reptiles there including Rattle Snakes and Black Mambas. He has traveled to rescue King Cobras from danger. He recently went to Thailand to rescue 10 King Cobras locked in a concrete and wire housing. He uses his youtubes channel money for projects like that…  

Chandler is in his early twenties and keeps you entertained by being somewhat goofy but I mean that in a good way. He genuinely loves reptiles and it shows. He has done this most of his life and is recognized as an expert in reptiles. 

Once I started to watch one…I got hooked. Now when I have some downtime I will watch a new video post. 

Like I said…Chandler can be goofy but he is serious and caring about these reptiles. The second video is much more serious and it shows him in Thailand rescuing the cobras.