Chandler’s Wildlife II

I posted Chandler’s Wildlife before but that was a couple of years ago or more. I wanted to update his progress which is impressive. He has come a long way now. He took most or all of his youtube money (at one point he was drawing up to 6 million views per post) and bought 10 acres in Florida and has turned it into a reserve for private tours all for his animals. He also tells about what he has to go through to own these animals. Bite protocol, hurricane protocol, snake-proof room, and many licenses.

He has an owl, King Cobras,  alligators, crocodiles, monitor lizards, Rattle Snakes, Black Mambas, Green Mambas, Inland Taipan (a single drop of venom can kill 100 men), and many more. If it is venomous…Chandler has it. He is around 24 years old and he acts like it but I mean that in the best way. He can be goofy but his love for these deadly animals is obvious. He has a ring of friends who also deal with venomous reptiles and they appear on each other youtube channels. These snakes are not venomoids…. they all have their venom glands and fangs. He does not believe in taking that away from them.

I have a huge fear of snakes…I’ve never even touched one but watching Chandler has made me respect them and want to know more about each of them. NO…I would not go out and get a King Cobra…I won’t even buy a corn snake! I just got the first reptiles in my life. I got two red ear slider turtles…no venom!

He built his 15-foot King Cobra named Kevin…a 16-foot enclosure so he is easy to see for guests and is not stuck in a small enclosure. Kevin is what drew the early viewers in. I’ve always been fascinated by King Cobras since I watched Riki Tiki Tavi as a kid. Kevin is pretty chill for a King Cobra…but he has a female named Justina who pretty much tries her best to kill Chandler every time he brings her out. She has chased him around before trying to corner him.

He educates as well as entertains. He drank King Cobra Venom to show that is NOT poison…it’s a protein and yes you can drink it as long as you don’t have mouth sores. It has to be injected to work and in your bloodstream. It’s the last video at the bottom. You can tell that he was influenced heavily by Steve Irwin. I wouldn’t compare them but Chandler has the same energy level and love for reptiles.

He can make you nervous free handling these dangerous animals. He does know what he is doing but if you look at the below video about the new enclosure…you see a bandage on his leg. While getting a new crocodile a few weeks ago he got into muddy water with one of them and he was bit by the crocodile. Not bad but more of a warning bite. If that Crocodile would have death rolled…Chandler would have one leg now.

He is incredibly goofy at times but you have to respect the love and care he gives these animals…most of them will not love him back. If I’m ever down in that part of Florida I will see if I can visit his place. He has really made it beautiful.

Kevin’s new enclosure

Justina…you will see her charging out of her cage at Chandler

Drinking King Cobra Venom


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21 thoughts on “Chandler’s Wildlife II”

  1. Holy hell! I patted a snake (in a zoo) in NC. And went to the insect zoo in Washington DC at tarantula feeding time. But I shall not be visiting Chandler’s wildlife! I watched “Jaws” sitting in a chair with my feet in the air and that was bad enough.

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    1. Yea he lives on the edge doesn’t he? I don’t like snakes but I like learning about them but I wish where I lived was like New Zealand and you don’t have to worry about them.

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      1. Yes you are lucky in that respect. I’ve read where it’s illegal to take a snake there because of course it would destroy the eco system. I’m sure the only snakes around are sea snakes in the ocean.

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    1. Oh it’s dangerous…there is no doubt about that. He tells people in every episode…”don’t replicate what I do”….lol I don’t think there is a reason to be concerned about most people.

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    1. She looked at them and went on his way. Yea Chandler is crazy but he does truly love those animals…I have to respect that. Only love would make him do that…he was doing it as a kid.


    2. Oh I didn’t answer the question. Jennifer has wanted two since we have been together…it’s illegal to sell these so….you go to Florida and you can buy a plastic cage and get one free lol. It’s like the ones in Florida we bought when we were kids. They can give kids salmonella….that is why they are illegal.


  2. He seems a bit careless but I love that he’s trying to educate & help people see snakes as less terrorizing, more just ordinary animals that play an important role in ecosystem. I’d visit his place if I was around there. The W.Diamondback Rattlesnake environment in the local zoo is one of my favorite parts of that place.

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    1. He has a Mexican rattlesnake blonde in color…just beautiful.
      He did make a point…it’s almost impossible to handle those King Cobras with hooks when they are that huge. I do understand that part.

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      1. oh yeah, with them you seem to have triple problems compared to N.american rattlers and Copperheads…the cobra venom is way more deadly, they are far bigger and if not downright aggressive, they do seem more ‘feisty’ and less likely to shrink away.

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      2. What makes the King Cobra so dangerous…they are the most intelligent snake in the world supposedly. Now he has one named Kevin and a few others have King Cobras that are really chilled out and actually nice…but all the owners say…I don’t push them into something they don’t want to do lol…yea I could see that.


  3. I think of Irwin, who was on the edge all the time… sooner or later you slip up and your luck runs out. Plus, those cold blooded cold eyed slithery sliding rectilinear reptiles just look evil.
    And I’ve seen ‘Snakes On A Plane.’

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    1. It just boggles my mind how someone could love those things. I see a lizard or something but those snakes don’t love back…but I guess I’m glad someone is taking care of them…as long as it’s not me.

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    1. Yes I do admire it. I’ve seen him on videos with private tours and he is much more calm and he does explain everything about whatever animal he is holding.
      In NO way would I even dream of even touching a snake…much less handling a King Cobra. Beautiful snakes though. I have to admit I watch his channel a lot…it’s educated me and it’s entertaining. I just hope he is still around in 10 years.

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    1. He has been doing this since he was a kid…just incredible. He is respected through the industry… Yea his animals all have nice homes for sure.

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